Monday, March 8, 2010

Coffee Island, Gurney Drive

I’ve been to Coffee Island.. say…. urm.. twice… first visit was a late one and there we a lot of people..  second visit was after work with Calvin and Kevin.. it was still early and not that packed yet.. I prefer it better than it’s too packed with people… and the music is not very loud yet… it gets louder later at night… Not sure if it’s that many people there now… cos my last visit was… months back…. :P

Collages10-1They have got a very colourful menu with photos of most or perhaps all of the food offered… I like this kind of menu… at least you know what you are expecting… and the menu have got huge selection.. i like…


Ambiance was okay… they have both open air and air conditioned area… just like I said earlier, when the place gets too packed and the loud music much later at night, it gets a little bit difficult to talk and hear each other.


Heineken – MYR50.00 per bucket


Honey dew juice – MYR4.90 – Quite big glass of it… not sure if they charged extra for the milk I asked for or not…


Seafood Crispy Noodles – MYR 7.50 Not sure if it’s good or not but seeing Calvin walloped the whole plate up… must be okay la..


Southern India Chicken Curry served with tomato rice – MYR 12.50 I had this and it’s not bad… the chicken curry was good, and love the sambal on the ikan bilis (anchovies) only the papadam was not crunchy…  so fattening lo… but fattening food are all nice leh…


Presentation was also good… I am happy with my order…


Chulia Street Fried Rice Noodles – MYR 7.50… Char mee suah.. i felt it was a bit oily… Collages-1 

Ham Dish Roll – MYR 8.00 Well, I thought it was just okay…


Tempura bowl – MYR 8.50 .. nothing great.. tempura vegetables only… some what a bit to big chunk and perhaps it’s big, it took longer time staying in the hot oil.. the vegetable itself soaked up an amount of it, so when you bite on the vegetable, you can feel excess oil flowing out from the poor broccoli…


Food presentation was good, it was served to you looking all pretty.. taste wise is not that consistent… not all manage to please my palate :P  pricing wise is just okay… some of the item I felt quite over priced… while some.. ok la… reasonably priced..

Collages5-1Coffee Island is located along Gurney Drive, you cannot miss it with its bright lights and all…

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