Sunday, March 7, 2010

Restoran Tua Huat, Petaling Jaya

The fact is, I went to this place like…last August and now only I’m blogging about it.. so imagine the backlogs I have lo.. :P

I was invited to Kenneth’s convocation and join the family for a short weekend trip to KL.. so congratulations again to Kenneth on your graduation!

The last day before coming back, we headed to PJ for lunch and this is the place the Dings enjoy dining in for the special lor mee…. and since I’ve never had it before, they decided that I should have the chance to try it! Thanks for the treat and recommendation!

Tua Huat is not any fancy restaurant, it’s just a humble little Hakka restaurant located in between few old shophouses… pretty secluded liddat :P But don be deceived by its look cos during lunch hours, it’s fully packed with patrons… I believe they are regulars too from nearby offices…

Collages-1Each table has complete set of sauces… vinegar, soy sauce, pepper, and the chili paste/sauce whatever you call it is good! I can’t remember how many times i refilled it but i had lots of it! and that the house specialty noodles… you can have it ordered in bee hoon (rice vermicelli) or yee mee (egg noodles)..  it’s like lor mee (it’s also known as Ulu Yam Lor Mee) .. starchy gravy with beaten eggs… and it’s yummy… with vinegar and the chili paste! yum!

2009-811 One huge bowl of house specialty noodles – MYR 13.00. We had 2 bowls! Normal bowl for one costs at MYR 5.50.

Collages1-1 Collages2-1 Simple fried rice yet nice and fragrant – MYR 13.00 for big portion. It’s really a simple one with eggs, long beans and lap cheong (chinese waxed sausages).. it goes really well with.. again.. the chili paste!

Collages3-1 Vegetable… Kailan stir fry – MYR 10.00 for big portion. 

Collages4-1Fried chicken _ MYR 4.00 for a pair..  Branda say it’s a must have too…  and true enough, it’s really sedap(delicious)! Marinated perfectly and deep fried.. all the flavours locked inside.. yum yum…

Collages5-1 We actually ordered spring rolls, it came like this?? Hmm.. I think they wrongly took the order cos this is so not spring roll. I suspect that it should be one of their famous dish  Parang fish cake – MYR4.00. Parang fish in Chinese is known as Sai To (usually seen in Koey teow th’ng stalls), and wolf-herring in English.

Overall, it was a hearty and satisfying meal… thanks to Mama Ding :D

Food quality was good, portion was big enough and reasonably priced.


Restoran Tua Huat

50G, Jalan 19/3, Petaling Jaya
46300 Selangor

Contact ☎ 019-664 8711 / 012-309 2834 / 012-3092835

Business Hours: 9am- 9pm (Daily) 9am- 3pm (Tuesday)

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