Sunday, March 7, 2010

Dhoby Ghaut Duck Meat Koay Teow Th’ng & Curry Mee, Sg Nibong

Dhoby Ghaut Koay teow th’ng is located in Sg Nibong next to Aver Cafe.  This is the only duck meat koay teow th’ng place I’ve patronize, so I’m not exectly sure if it’s the best or not..hahaha…


Duck meat koay teow th’ng…

dg1dg2 dg8

Duck meat dried koay teow… for both, the portion is getting smaller day by day though… and it’s slightly expensive then the regular koay teow th’ng though…


Well, sometimes I go there got curry noodles instead… This round curry noodles was not as good as the regular so the photo also a bit ugly lor……  Previous rounds I had, they look better :D



and we sometimes order loh mai kai as well :D they have pau-s, siew mai and loh mai kai.. there’s another seafood stall available… which i seldom patronize ler..

dg4My regular drink will be “seo phak hu”, the fighting fish…well, it’s actually dried longan drink.. it’s called fighting fish cos it’s served in jam jars… and usually that’s where people put real fighting fish in!


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