Monday, March 8, 2010

Potluck session – Lunch in office

This was the last potluck session in the office we had and it was last August :P Time flies, seriously fast!

So as usual, few will share and bring a dish, and this round was pretty okay… just nice for everyone… not much leftovers compared to the earlier session we had… everything was just nice..


We had fried rice with sambal ikan bilis which was yummyyyyy… really yummy… hard boiled eggs and papadem…


Spaghetti bolognaise, mushroom soup and salad…

Collages2-1Some kuih.. the green one is called lopeh… i forgot the name of the other one, cheese tarts and the putu.. something like that…


Mango pudding, tuna and egg mayo sandwiches, fresh fruits and tau fu fah..rd 2009-821

All nicely spread… so nice of me leh… I’m giving you people ideas for potluck leh.. :P previously I’ve posted a few on potlucks.. during Deeparaya and also during last Christmas when we went to Jen’s. I’ve got few potluck sessions with ideas I have not posted… more to come :DCollages-1  And my manager ordered sweet looking cupcakes too!

rd 2009-8211 And because it’s so pretty, I took a lot of photos of it….

cupcakes-1  And more and more…


Just imagine if it’s Su’s cupcakes from Delectable.. Love her work.. her cupcakes and cakes.. I might take photos until my camera run out of battery lo… :P

Well, looking forward for another session… not sure when though…. :P


Siew Goh said...

always got potluck.. so nice..
which one is urs?

Anonymous said...

hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!

Wenlynn said...

haha.. goh... mine's the sandwich lo... since cannot cook cos it's not going to be halal, making sandwich is one of the few options :D
Hi tagskie, you got a big collection of lyrics there :D