Sunday, March 7, 2010

Restoran Kapitan, Chulia Street

Kapitan actually has few different branches, one is in Bayan Bay opposite Queensbay mall, one is at gurney tower next to Starbucks and my preferred one is at Chulia street, near the Fire station.


They have variety of drinks offered in the menu… besides regular drink you can get at mamak like sirap limau, bandung (sirap+milk), and teh tarik kinda drink, you can get……


Lassi! Mango lassi MYR 3.00 and orange lassi MYR 3.50 are my all time favourites!

And I personally feel the the briyani in chulia street taste better and it sure look more appetizing than the one in Gurney tower… hmm.. aren’t they suppose to be standard? The ones served here is heated in the claypot on top of fire but the ones I last had in November last year at Kapitan Gurney tower was like merely briyani rice out from a rice cooker, topped with the chicken and served.. it’s not hot at all.. hmmm…


Chicken briyani MYR 6.50 with tender chicken pieces topped with mint leaves and cherry tomato…yummy!

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Mutton briyani MYR 7.50 was equally good! With generous pieces of tender mutton and the nice fragrant rice.. simply the best briyani in claypot I’ve ever had so far..

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Tandoori chicken set with garlic naan MYR7.50 served with huge piece of garlic naan, juicy and tender tandoori chicken pieces, with coleslaw/dhal curry, mint sauce and chilli sauce, onion slices and lime.




You can opt for chicken thigh and drumstick piece too… i prefer the meat pieces cos it's easier to eat :P


Sauce to go with the naan… I like the red chili sauce!

Besides this, they have many other dishes in the menu like indian pizza, fish head curry, huge selection of roti and naan, fried noodles and rice… also a nasi kandar counter with lines of different curries and dishes to choose from… you’ll be spoilt with choices, you just want to have all of them!

Restoran Kapitan

Chulia street, right opposite the Kapitan Keling Mosque

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