Sunday, March 7, 2010

Bella Italia, Bellisa Row

This was actually another outdated post.. dinner during my birthday eve at Bella Italia last year.. muahahaha… I have passed by this place many many times for many many years but have never step foot to this restaurant until that day. I personally have a thing with Italian food… I just love them!


This place has good ambiance and service was okay… and because it’s my first time there, we took pretty long to decide on what to have… :D


First up was Antipasto Misto – MYR 24.80 It’s a platter of mixed appetiser consist of baked mussels, roasted button mushrooms with garlic, smoked salmon, grilled vegetables, and baked eggplant with cheese… overall,  I like this platter… and serving portion was huge… salmon was a bit too salty though… but it was nice big pieces…


Then we decided to go for pasta and with so many to choose from, we settled for Linguine Con Aragosta & Gamberoni _ MYR 31.50 It’s basically linguine with lobster meat, prawn and chili in tomato sauce with  touch of cream. This was just okay… not my favourite though.. so next time will try a different one…


Being very ambitious, we ordered pizza as well! Pizza Alla Bella Italia MYR 31.00 It has got beef bacon, mushrooms, garlic, tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese…This was also just okay… slightly dry for my liking… hm… but it’s quite appetizing in a way. We could not finish it and had to take away… haha…


It was not bad but perhaps choice made from the menu was not the best. Gotta try others next time cos the menu was pretty extensive… I wanted to try the tiramisu cos Lingzie says it’s the best in Penang… but my tummy closed it’s door early that night.. sheesh… so I’m definitely going back next round…

Collages4-1Like the ambiance… soft lighting, music playing… and even with many people dining in, it’s not too noisy for you to sit and slowly enjoy your meal… Like the interior as well… it’s definitely more spacious than Bravo Italiana… which reminds me.. I have not blogged about it yet!

Collages5-1They have outdoors seating too… great for smoking patrons and other that like to enjoy fresh air outside…


Bella Italia 

368-1-7 Jalan Burma, Bellisa Row, 10350 Penang.

Contact ☎ 04 227 2195

Opens daily for lunch and dinner

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