Sunday, September 5, 2010

Hong Kong Revisited DAY 4 (2010-0119) Finale (Part 2)

*continuation from part 1…

This is where the Central makan and jalan-jalan experience starts!

yung kee-11_thumb[5]

Off directly to Central, Yung Kee at Wellington Street for brunch… Yung Kee is famous for the roasted goose..

yung kee-1_thumb[5]

Look at that! Suckling pig lagi… It’s HKD170 for suckling pig.. but dunno how big is the portion la..

yung kee1-1_thumb[5]

We ordered fried rice and 1/2 bird of roasted goose. Roasted goose is priced at HKD420 whole bird, HKD210 for half bird and HKD130 for regular, which is equivalent to 1/4 bird. Roasted goose leg (siew ngor bei) is at HKD160 each. Yes, expensive but for the sake of trying lo.. haha… I’m not very much of a goose or duck meat lover.

put zhai gou-1_thumb[4]

Came out from Yung Kee and saw this auntie selling put zhai kou… makan lagi lo…

put zhai gou 3-1_thumb[5]put zhai gou 4-1_thumb[5]

Some more with lotsa photos :P

central 1_thumb[5]

Walk around Central, and see H & M, on SALE, apa lagi, all stormed in la…


Up the Central-Mid-levels escalators to Lan Fong Yuen (a famous tea restaurant for their pork chop bun and pantyhose milk tea) for tea time makan. Walked Past Ser Wong Fun, also a famous eatery but we did not stop since we just had brunch that time… The one with green roof is Lan Fong Yuen, located at Gage Street (结志街).

pork chop bun-1_thumb[5] pork chop bun-11_thumb[5]

The famous pork chop bun with succulent pork chop in between toasted bun.. I did not manage to go the first round, so this round manage to eat it, so happy :D hahaha… Another famous item which I did not try is the tomato noodles.. something like that…

pork chop bun 1-1_thumb[5]

And also the famous pantyhose milk tea (xi mut nai cha)

pork chop bun 2-1_thumb[5]     

Tak habis habis cam whoring…

tai cheong egg tart2-1_thumb[5]

Lyndhurst Terrace (擺花街) is just the next street above Gage Street, that’s where Tai Cheong Bakery is at. Famous for it’s egg tarts, of course we all must eat it la.. :P

tai cheong egg tart-1_thumb[7] 

Freshly baked egg tarts (dan tat) piping hot form the oven…

tai cheong egg tart 12-1_thumb[5]

Hebat kan? So golden yellow, and it’s full of the eggs custard… Sedap, you know.. :P

to be continued… (yes, I initially said 2 parts, and now I had to make it to 3 parts cos it managed to post my first part and second part still failed, perhaps still a lot of photos… it’s either the connection or the application that is testing my patience :P)


gill gill said...

oh, we do not manage to eat the pricey goose at Yung Kee, but tasted at other restaurant in HK. its worth to try at least once, and goose is indeed better then duck.
We tried Tai Cheong's Egg Tarts & the pork buns too, taste great isn't it? :)

Wenlynn said...

yea.. i agree, although it's tad pricey, but the taste and experience is what we are paying for :D the pork chop bun is superb.. and I was very full after the pork chop bun but still managed to stuff myself silly with the yummy egg tarts!