Monday, September 6, 2010

Fast Food Bangkok (MOS Burger, McDonald’s, KFC and Burger King)

Yes, I went to Bangkok and eat their fast food… of course I had fair share of thai food also ler, like what I’ve previously blogged about…

First was MOS burger.. haha.. mainly because we don have it here.. the nearest would be Singapore or Bangkok…

P1340726-1 P1340734-1

Drinks are served in glass, not the typical paper cups most fast food outlets use…

P1340741 P1340742

We ordered Fish Marinade Cheese Burger and Takokatsu(Octopus) Rice Burger..  2 sets for around THB240 (MYR 24.00)


Set comes with the burger, fries and a drink… they they are freshly made upon order and delivered to your table… you can opt to top up with additional butterfly prawns with a minimal charge, can’t remember how much though. But we did not since we are still kinda full that time.


My Takokatsu rice burger..  it’s deep fried  bread crumbs coated patty  in between 2 rice patties, accompanied with slices cabbages, mayo and sauce…. very filling cos it’s rice instead of normal bun.. not bad la.. but will try the teriyaki chicken rice burger next round… the fish marinade cheese burger is kinda a cute looking burger.. it’s petite! :D

P1350122 P1350125-1

We take away KFC on evening for dinner when we decided to call the day off early and rest at the hotel watching TV.. it’s kind of like snack plate at around THB119 (MYR11.90).. but it’s 2 piece of chicken (hot and spicy / original) with additional 3 yummy drummets instead of coleslaw and mashes potatoes. I have to say KFC there tastes so much better than here… it’s not oily, and it’s chicken meat instead of oily chicken with lots of chicken fat like those we have here.

I have not eaten our KFC for a while cos usually when I take away home a snack plate, 1/2 or most of the chicken will be contributed to Jacky aka Codie.. my pet dog… cos first, it’s super oily… then you see like mushy clumps of yellowish and white chicken fats and uncooked batter, hot and spicy ones especially… GELI! But of course he is one happy doggie get to eat KFC, not knowing it may cause his arteries blocked! So, to save him, I rarely makan or ta pao KFC already…


And while we were in MBK, we shared a Samurai Pork Burger before headed for dinner.. Also something we don have here la.. cos ada babi mah… :P Oh ya.. if you’re in MBK, head to the information counter and get your tourist card for extra discounts in selected food and shopping outlets… and it’s valid until year end.. I wonder where I have misplaced mine… :P anyways, for McDonald’s, it actually states that there’s 10% discount in the card but they did not give the discounts, they upsize the set to a large one :D


there.. The Samurai Pork Burger.…

P1350596-1And last meal in Bangkok was Burger King in the airport… one of the most expensive fast food ever had… 2 sets, Chicken burger and chicken tenders, and onion rings cost around THB600 (MYR60), airport price is like double the regular price.. siao! And lagi siao actually they have these discounts vouchers, for like 10% or something they handover to you after check in, but i forgot to use lo, sampat si.. too tired d la I guess..

P1350599-1 We could not finish the fries, so tar pao… and during the flight back, curi makan soggy fries :P

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