Monday, September 6, 2010

Homemade Mooncake by Justin’s Mom

7th month is coming to an end and we’re entering the 8th month of the Chinese calendar, and that means, mooncake/lantern festival is coming… At this time of the year, supermarkets are filled with stalls and it’s time where all the mooncake brands like Baker’s Cottage, Kam Lun Tai, Foh San, Six Happiness, Tai Thong (They are mostly chinese restaurants brands) will set up stalls in major supermarkets to sell mooncakes of variety of flavours and types…

This year however, not sure what’s with me, is not very still in the mood to buy those mooncakes although they have discounts up to until 25%.  Last year by this time, I might have already bought like 2 to 3 boxes of 4 moon cakes already… mood belum datang lagi.. :P

Last week, Justin brought Teddy and Irene’s order to the office and Teddy was nice enough to let us sample a few.. haha.. Justin’s mom is making mooncakes for sale. They don’t look like the pretty ones from with mould with prints, and not the premium ones with yolks, but it’s really good! Perhaps it’s homemade and also still very fresh… It’s available in fully biscuits only (gong zhai peng / ang kongna pneah) or with 3 types of different fillings, red bean, coconut and dried shrimp sambal .


That’s the one with dried shrimp sambal filling below and the one with pandan coconut filling.


The pandan coconut filling ones are made in small mouth size, which is good.


Packed nicely in a box of, 30, i think…hahaha.. it’s soft skin, kinda like melt in your mouth and it does not stick all over your gums… and the filling is not too sweet too…


This one is with the yummy dried shrimp sambal filling, size is slightly bigger, around 2 inch diameter…can’t remember how many in a box…  This one kira as the premium one among the 4.. so Teddy is nice enough to let only few of us try cos he actually ordered is to bring home..  :D


Jeng jeng, look at the filling… it’s actually my first time eating savoury mooncake… usually it’s all sweet and more sweet… I have to say it’s really good… prices ranging from MYR10.oo to 15.oo if I’m not mistaken per box. Very reasonable la cos one friggin mooncake also cost at around MYR10.00 la… some even more expensive..  I think I’m gonna order one and let my mama eat :D Justin said his mom still take orders until 15th of the month.. gonna ask him tomorrow :D

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