Thursday, September 16, 2010

Nasi Kerabu near Gelugor Post Office, Penang

Before Ramadhan ended, I made my way to the Gelugor pasar ramadhan (near to the post office, clinic and some shop houses), to get nasi kerabu… few friends recommended since I told them I enjoy eating nasi kerabu and they said it’s one of the best…. so there I was, bracing the jam after work all the way there and it started to drizzle a little.. it did not stop me even there’s difficulties finding a place to park… well.. I did what most did… illegal parking :P So I walked in the pasar, welcomed by aroma of delicious fried chicken and nasi briyani, laksa melayu, ayam percik panggang and many more… ooh.. so tempted… but my main reason there was to get the nasi kerabu! It was actually less than an hour before berbuka (break fast)  time… so there I found, the nasi kerabu stall, which also offers nasi briyani and sort, with lots of dishes too…


But since I was late, most of the dishes were all grabbed and near to finish… like the fried chicken for instance… I asked.. “ayam goreng dah habis, kak?”(Sis, all the fried chicken already finished?) She reply to me, “ya yang, dah habis, tinggal tengkuk je, tapi ayam ni pun sedap jugak” (yes dear, already finished, left with the neck only, but this chicken dish is also nice.. ) referring to a kind of spicy chicken dish..


So ok la.. I got her to give me a pack of nasi kerabu with the spicy chicken… while another woman was also ordering hers, but said she want only a little of the rice, a little of this and that… she said that her friend told her the nasi kerabu from that stall is nice… So I think I got the correct one…


Line of dishes to choose from… :D friendly people too.. :D On the way walking to the car, I walked passed a nasi briyani stall, i can’t remember the name, something like maria ke apa, forgotten already… but the aroma of ayam goreng (fried chicken)..  so so so tempting and salivating ok! I actually wanted to have my nasi kerabu with ayam goreng lo… but the stall I bought from are out of fried chicken.. but since I already bought with the spicy chicken, I had to forego the ayam goreng.. :(

P1360603 The nasi kerabu, well, it actually has less condiments, compared to the one I bought from the pasar ramadhan near ivory plaza (on normal times, they are selling at pasar malam Sg Nibong, on Wednesday nights, thanks to Chia Hui for the information)… well, back to this one, not sure it’s because there’s not much left when I reached, or it’s like that all the while… the rice is more fluffy, and more blue-ish in colour… and no keropok (fish crackers) lo.. :( Overall, I find it just okay….

P1360604 But I thought to myself, maybe it’s because I’m late and all the dishes all grabbed up, the condiments also running low… so I’m gonna give it another try… soon… haha.. this time I want it to go with ayam goreng(fried chicken) and ikan goreng(fried fish), like how I have it all the time :D

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