Saturday, August 14, 2010

Nasi Kerabu from Pasar Ramadhan, near Ivory Plaza

Last year, I’ve actually blogged about the same nasi kerabu, and this year I’m so glad that it’s still there, at the same place! :D I nearly gave when i could not find any parking but the thought of since I’ve brave the traffic and already there, I’ll give it another change to make another round… and yes! I found myself a nice parking lot, and only need to walk a short distance heading to the pasar ramadhan…. as usual, lotsa different stalls selling different variety of food. my mission today was only the nasi kerabu… So I ignored the other stalls to hunt this stall down. My sis first bought my first nasi kerabu here back in 2008. Last year I went to the same stall to buy my second pack of nasi kerabu and today I’m back, to have my 3rd pack.  Business seems pretty good, a lot of customers and he and his 2 assistants (his daughter and son, i think) were packing the nasi kerabu non stop. Many customer waiting for their turn and orders to be packed.


That’s the sambal grated coconut and the sambal/budu sauce n the kerabu(salad) could be any vegetables or edible leaves though the more or less standard version will have daun kesum, taugeh (bean sprout), thinly cut long green beans, bunga kantan and daun kadok.


P1340225-1 Apart from that it is also served with fried breaded fish, spiced fried chicken, “percik” chicken, beef slices, keropok, salted egg, "solok lada" (chillies stuffed with minced fish and grated coconut), and pickled garlic

P1340226-1This is the owner of the stall. I wonder where is his stall located during non ramadhan months.

P1340230-1 This is what I ordered.. basically you can have anything you want! I decided I want both fried fish and fried chicken.. hahahaha…  This round though it some colourful keropok… I still prefer the old normal fish keropok… last year was cheaper cause I remembered it was like MYR4.00(yes, I had both fried chicken and fish too last year)..  today, they charged me at MYR5.80 which I happily paid for it while swallowing my saliva :P

P1340243 Some may not like it as the kerabu is raw and the bean sprout may have the raw-ish, green-ish taste.


It’s actually kinda refreshing in a way :D The vege and the lime juice.. It’s just someone blends well all together.

P1340270-1Like this, I mixed and messed everything up, and dig in! Finally get to eat my nasi kerabu today, I’m happy as a clam and will go back next year :D

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