Sunday, August 8, 2010

Some of the biscuits that reminds me of childhood…

Now I usually get biscuits from supermarket, cos it’s easier and cheaper (i think)… but then again, thinking back… last time was the complete opposite… biscuits in the supermarket is more expensive.. that’s why we get it from the sundry shop the ciplak(imitation) version for some biscuits for a cheaper price..

I went to the nearby sundry shop the other day and saw so many types of biscuits mom used to buy when I was a kid… cream crackers and marie biscuits aside.. it’s still famously eaten by all generations until today…


One of it is this one… animal prints biscuits… taste a little like marie biscuits, harder texture and of course cuter… my favourite is the tortoise and the owl… pretty educational too…  so nostalgic :)


Then the wafer biscuit… the one I has when i was a kid is with darker chocolate cream.. it’s more of like chocolate instead of cream.. but this is good enough.. the wafer texture is not that “plastic” compares to come that is sold in the supermarket… this is all crunchy and messy… but still, i love it!

P1330713-1 Compared with the dried bread counterpart, I prefer this better.. more of like a dried cake biscuit…  mom used to buy also the dried bread version, most of them eat it with black coffee.. but not my favourite… it tastes like the bland dried bread skin in a bigger portion… this one tastes better… colour wise is also more attractive, golden yellow. Very absorbent too… nice to be eaten alone, hard and crunchy, or you can dip it in a cup of milo, the you’ll have a piece of moist cake… hahahaha…

P1330699This is what I meant with imitation biscuits… I remembered 3 little teddies first came out, already very commercialised… it appeared on TV ads with a theme song and is only sold in supermarkets… it first sold in like normal vanilla/butter flavour, the white bear then only the chocolate bear came out… mom bought the original one before… it’s packed in few individual packets.. then in a box.. and each bear have their initials on their tummy..  3 of them, bear facing left, centre and right.  After a few times, she just buys it from the sundry shop :)

With the intention to buy one type of biscuit, I came out from the sundry shop with 4 types… luckily I was not in the shop that sells only biscuits like Hock Chuan Biscuit Centre else I might not come out that fast as they have more biscuits and most of them very much eaten when i was a kid…. and supermarkets don’t have all of them! I’m going to the biscuit centre one day… shopping for more nostalgic biscuits… missing my childhood times a lot now… T_T

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