Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Kuih-s from my neighbourhood area, Taman Lip Sin

There are many factors on why I like the place I am staying right now… it’s very prime… everything is within walking distance… Sunshine Lip Sin/Pan Plaza  is just right opposite the road and it opens till 1 am, there’s a clinic, few coffee shops, sundry shops, burger stalls, Super Tanker food court, Lip Sin wet & morning market, fruit stalls, Phor Tay school  and a number of roadside stalls selling food.  One of it which I conveniently stop in the morning to takeaway a hot pack of nasi lemak, sometimes a couple for my colleagues too. Even during Nine Emperor Gods Festival, my area is the  So friggin’ convenient!

And one way for me to know if the next day is the 1st, 15th of the chinese calendar is by the appearance of several stalls, selling kuih-s and also flowers. I got tempted sometimes I buy some, to eat while most bought them for prayers (and of course eating them thereafter).

P1330528-1Saw this for the first time and bought it out of curiosity. It’s pandan sago with pumpkin (orangy yellow) and tapioca (yellow). Don’t really fancy it though :)

P1330543-1   P1330557-1 

They sell some colourful pau-s (buns) and fatt koh (huat kuih) too…

P1330573-2 P1330576-1

The normal home made pau’s with fillings are vegetarian (for ppl who worship Kuan Yin), one with mangkuang (turnips) and one with mock char siu… don’t quite like the mock char siu.. mock meats overall usually tastes weird…

P1330979-1 Normally, ppl buy ang ku, mi ku and huat kuih (fatt koh) for prayers… but the stalls usually sell nyonya kuihs too… richer in taste (normally coconut milk, rice flour, tapioca flour, glutinous flour and rice is used in several nyonya kuih)..


This is pulut inti, in blue with gula melaka grated coconut.. when I was young, I used to love eating pulut inti… whenever my mom works on night shift, she will ask what we want to have for breakfast.. she will buy them before heading home to sleep and we will wake up to food ready on the table.. :) economy fried noodles and bee hoon will surely be there and some kuihs… for my and my siblings.. The pulut inti i used to eat is wrapped in banana leaves and it’s not blue :D it looks like this, when wrapped and like this after unwrapped.


This is kuih bengkang ubi (made of rice flour and grated tapioca) I am personally not a fan :)


Kuih talam is usually favourite to all, sweet and salty all together… another kuih that looks pretty similar would be kuih seri muka… also half green and half white.. only that the white part is glutinous rice and the green part has got coconut milk added..


Another favourite to many is the kaya kuih..  it’s glutinous rice with hint of blue with kaya(coconut egg jam)  and it’s not artificial colouring… the colour comes from this flower called bunga telang, also known as pea flower..


I think this is bengkang without the grated tapioca… only rice flour and coconut milk, and purple in colour.. the ones I used to eat when I was young is usually white in colour..


This is called nine layered kuih… I used to eat it by peeling it layer by layer.


Peel it like this :D but i noticed this one has got 11 layers instead of nine… haha.. I ate one of the layer so before taking this photo.. so only 10 left…


This is white radish cake, fried… white radish cake are usually steamed and they look like this before being fried. Some prefer to eat it without being fried, originally served like this, and is also known as lot bak gou.. this is mom’s favourite.. she always buys it last time… something savoury if you’re not a sweet tooth person… you can find this at dim sum places usually..


Another famous savoury fare among Malaysians is the curry puff. The usually filling would be curried potatoes, but sometimes you can find XL sized curry puffs with chicken, potatoes and boiled eggs, which I adore…  so yummy! Hungry yet??

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