Sunday, August 29, 2010

Seafood Fried Rice, Prawn Pad Thai and Duck Rice, Platinum Mall, Bangkok

Platinum Mall is one huge wholesale mall with like 2000 shops available. It’s huge, sometimes a bit confusing and it may take up to whole day if you were to explore each shops one by one. They Sell 1 piece with retail price and some 2 pieces and above, you get wholesale price! For example a dress is sold at THB450 per piece, If you take 2, they might sell it to you at THB300 each. The more you buy, the cheaper price you get! And you don’t have to buy the same identical piece, you can mix and match any 2 to 3 pieces of each different designs.

There are actually a few food outlets available in Platinum Mall but we decided to have a quick lunch so we can proceed for a quick shopping, before heading to Erawan’s Shrine and MBK. So, food court it is… Food court, as usual, offers a huge selection of local delicacies and dishes.


Again, Mr Friend gave another try for Thai duck rice and concluded that Penang Duck rice tastes much better! I think it was in between THB 50 to 65 (MYR5.00 – 6.50)


I ordered the easiest dish, seafood fried rice. Can’t remember how much in exact, but it was around THB 70 (MYR7.00), I think.  Nothing to shout about, the one in Lek Seafood tastes better.

P1350276-1 Then the pad thai with prawns, I think it was around THB70 –75 (MYR7.00 – 7.50). The prawns is grilled separately and not shelled.

P1350282-1Tasted just ok, I personally prefer the one in Siam Paragon’s food hall, if I were to make the comparison between these 2. The portion also smaller.

So, the conclusion is, Platinum food court’s food, so so only la.. okay la if you’re in a hurry and want something quick and cheaper in air conditioned shopping mall. Most people there brought along big luggage/trolley bags when shopping in Platinum Mall. They will stop for a fast meal and then continue shopping for more goods. Although the variety is there but it’s not a place offering any fancy or super good food la…

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