Sunday, August 8, 2010

LiteYo Yoghurt by Nutrigen

I don take yoghurt regularly, and not that I’m a big fan of it too.. I prefer yoghurt drink to a normal tub of yoghurt… but if I’m asked to choose a tub from many different brands on the shelves, I prefer this one… it’s actually more watery than regular yoghurt and smooth.. it has different sets of flavour which are not common like green tea with aloe vera chunks, cappuccino with nata de coco chunks, mandarin with carrots strips bits etc. My favourite is strawberry flavour. Not like other, you may find little small chunks of strawberry bits… this one you find both chunks and also one whole strawberry…


I’m not sure if they have improvised it, but the last 2 tubs I had, they both have 3 whole strawberries inside. Got me all excited… haha…  just like striking a lottery cos the few tubs i had previously only has one whole strawberry inside.


My cousin sis, Fen, who lives downstairs gave us some fresh cherries too… yum! So much more better than the pickled cherries that tastes like cough syrup!


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