Sunday, August 15, 2010

Rice Porridge / Congee @ Super Tanker, Penang

Rice porridge or also known as congee, besides being an everyday meal for certain group of people (for example the Cantonese), congee is considered to be food therapy for the unwell, like some typical people would ask if you are not feeling well when you place an order for a rice porridge. Well, true also, as congee is usually a mild, easily digestible. Well, in fact many people are also like me, being an Asian, I enjoy eating rice porridge at any time. Sometimes I even crave for it! Be is flavoured congee or even plain white congee.

So good thing, the food court within my neighbour hood, Super Tanker has good 3 porridge stalls! One of it thought is the fish head bee hoon which offered porridge in a rice in soup term. There was another stall selling chee cheong chuk (pig’s intestines porridge) but the stall is no longer there. Anyways, I usually patronize these 2 stalls.


One of it is with variety choice such as shredded chicken porridge, fish porridge, mince pork porridge, and century egg & salted eggs porridge. My usual choice would be the century egg porridge, fish porridge or both fish and century egg mixed together, with extra soy sauce. :D The stall is available from breakfast to dinner, if I’m not mistaken, usually closed on Tuesdays.

P1330436 Another porridge stall would be the Pork and dried oyster porridge. Only available during breakfasts! Not bad though but of course if you cook it yourself, you can have as much dried oyster you want.. this one just okay la…

As usual, porridge usually comes with you tiao (fried bread stick, also known as yau char kuey) slices. And I like it with losta spring onions, fried garlic and shallots. Yum! In fact, I’ve just finished a bowl of porridge for brunch while writing this :D

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