Saturday, August 28, 2010

Lunch at a Steak Stall & Toh Plue Restaurant @ Chatuchak, Bangkok

Basically, food is all over Bangkok, even in Chatuchak Weekend Market itself, at any time you feel like stopping at any point, you will find food everywhere and anywhere.. you basically won’t die starving in Bangkok.

We initially planned to go to the same place I went the last visit (Toh Plue Restaurant) as it’s one of the few air conditioned dining place… but then after walking pass this stall, we decided to give it a try since it’s full of customers and it seems not bad. But majority of of food stalls are full with people… people are eating all day regardless what the time is.


Ordered the pork chop and fried rice set, THB 110 (MYR11.00) not that cheap though.. but the pork chop piece was generous, tender and nice… the rice was just so so, with salad in tangy dressing.


It’s just a small stall and business seems to be good, offering variety of sets.

And just to share some photos below from my last visit back in 2008, at the Toh Plue Restaurant, also in Chatuchak. Just noticed that I never really did blogged about it :D

P1280735edit It’s also another packed outlet, tourist mostly. Local Thais usually go to the stretch of food stalls for their favourite dishes and delicacies.


Different types of fried rice, and fish cake. Can’t really remember the names and the price though, but it’s definitely more expensive than the regular stalls available.

P1280742-1 Pineapple fried rice in a pineapple, topped with raisins.

P1280744-1 Can’t really remember what rice it was already.


Fish cakes with dipping.   P1280755-1

Something like american fried rice.. can’t remember either.. haha.. overall, the food there is not bad, presentation is very good, as you can see. Price wise is slightly pricey, comparatively. But you will pay whatever it is when your brain is actually boiling under the hot sun to get into this air conditioned outlet :P

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