Monday, August 9, 2010

Terminal One Cafe & Pub, Bay Avenue, Bayan Lepas

Dropped by for the first time a couple of weeks back to Terminal 1 Cafe & Pub after work for happy hour with Calvn, Mun and Adam. This place was opened back in Nov 2009 but I never did had the chance to drop by. Here’s the grand opening video.

 P1330455-1 P1330457-1

We were there on a Monday, and if you are a first timer with a name card, you get a free beer! One time off la… they claimed they have records…  unless every time you go, you have different names and name cards :P I’m not a beer person but since it’s free, what the heck.. just take it lo…


Ambiance wise not bad, nice lighting and interior..  waitresses are dressed in stewardess’ outfits and waiters in steward’s/captain’s outfit.


And they have their regular crowd, I assume.  They have different daily promos, and also set lunch promo at MYR9.90. Will check out those next visit…


Bunny tagged along too :D

P1330467-1We ordered a Aloha pizza (chicken ham, pineapples and mozzarellas) @ MYR16.90. Quite big portion and it taste not bad too with thin crust.

P1330468-1Pretty reasonable for a large pizza, even the shape is not the typical round ones..


Then we ordered belachan fried chicken wings, 4 pieces @ MYR12.90 which I felt a lil pricey… presentation not that good, it was served looking a lil overcook… like a bit charred.. but then luckily it managed to redeem itself with the taste. Not bad… the chicken is well marinated and crispy on the outside, juicy in the inside… They should have garnished it with some lettuce and cucumber slices though.. more presentable mah :p

Will post more about T1 once I check out the lunch set :D

Terminal One Cafe & Pub
Block K-9-1, Lorong Bayan Indah 2
Bay Avenue Bayan Lepas
11900 Penang

Tel: 604-640 8911     Fax: 604-640 8919


Business Hours: 10:00am – 3:00am (Opens daily)

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