Friday, August 27, 2010

Snow World – Milk Snow Ice with Mixed Fruits @ Chatuchak, Bangkok

I had this the first time I went to Chatuchak with my friends, and it’s perfect on a hot sunny day in Bangkok.  Do you know that Bangkok was once named the hottest city in the world? This time round although it’s has entered rainy season, the day time is still as hot. Just a short walk will leave you drenched with sweat, not because of the direct hot sun, but also partly because of the humidity. Good thing that this round, the wind was cold wind rather than hot wind that could really bake you express style under the sun.


And glad to found the stall again, knowing Chatuchak, it’s huge and if you find something you really like in that particular stall, bargain and make your purchase. If you say you’re going to go back later, you probably will not, cos it’s either you cannot remember where the stall is anymore, or you’re just too tired, you couldn’t be bothered going back to that stall. Unless you have great sense of direction that you could memorize the location of all stalls or you make markings on the map of the stalls.  It’s like a huge maze there!


Anyways, we arrived early that day and most stall were just only starting up, getting ready for business. So we took a stroll of the outline of the the market and make a note to come back later of the day, which we did for this stall cos it’s so hot, I really need to eat something cooling and chilling. You get to choose to have milk tea or snow ice. Price ranging from THB 25 to 50 (MYR4.00 to 5.00).

P1340635-1  All ingredients prepared, ranging from different fruits and also red bean.


I had the one with mixed fruit @ THB50 (MYR5.00), and I finished everything up, clean! It’s a big deep bowl!


And it’s not normal shaved ice, it’s milk shaved ice with refreshing fruit and syrup! Yummy and heavenly on a hot sunny day, you might ask for second serving :)

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