Friday, August 27, 2010

Coconut Ice Cream@ Chatuchak, Bangkok

Right after my milk snow ice, I saw this stall and of course I stopped and get myself one! It’s a coconut ice cream and young coconut drink stall with shade and chairs for customers under their umbrellas.


Coconut ice cream is served in the cute coconut shell, with the coconut meat under and peanuts on top. One scoop of each sold at THB25 (MYR2.50). The young coconut drink is also sold at the same price.


There are many stalls around the big weekend market. I managed to stop at this one with seats under the shade.. It’s creamy and yummy! The coconut meat is also soft, and it’s so oh.. refreshing! If I have not had the milk snow ice, I would have had another serving :P


Good thing also, they serve free sample cups coconut drink for the patrons. Guess it’s for tasting la… another refreshing option besides the ice cream. But if you beh phai seh, then you can go get extra serving from the dispenser lo… that’s what most tourists do ler I noticed… haha… but the drink is really  sweet and sedap la… pure coconut juice leh… thirst quenching!


One of the must try-s in Chatuchak weekend market…

Chatuchak Weekend Market is conveniently accessible thru cab and tuk tuk, or by the BTS Sky Train to Mo Chit Station.

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