Saturday, August 28, 2010

Rub ar Roon Cafe, near Wat Pho, Bangkok

This place is situated just right opposite one of the entrance to Wat Pho. I think it’s the back entrance, where the feet of the reclining Buddha is facing. In fact, it’s the nearest eatery we can find within Wat Pho area. It’s one of the old Chinese shophouses that has been converted into a street side cafe.
With the scorching hot sun,  what we really need is a cool place to relax, drink and eat. This cafe appeared to be the perfect one! I’m not actually very sure of the name of the place but it’s stated on the banner outside the shop and yes, you can only see tourist inside.
We ordered a dish each not knowing the portion is kinda big and is enough for 2 person. We ordered the ginger and spring onion stir fried pork, with lotsa ginger! If I’m not mistaken, it’s THB80 to 85 (MYR8.00 – 8.50). Steamed rice is separately ordered at THB15 (MYR1.50) each. Expensive for a portion of steamed white rice.
P1350081-1Stir fried chicken with holy basil and long beans and red chilies also at around THB80 to 85 (MYR8.00 – 8.50). Most of the dishes are averagely at this price, each. They have local dishes, fried rice, noodles, sandwiches, cakes, and variety of drink from coffee to beer.
It’s pretty filling la, since the portion is big.  If there’s next visit, gonna just order one dish for 2 person, which is just nice. It has nice ambiance, though the next doors are more of like sundry shops, salted fish stalls, some food stuffs stalls, which made it more outstanding than the others.
P1350090-1Cakes in the display fridge is also covered separately and individually.  I personally feel it’s more hygienic in a way. They do look a little tempting… normal la.. when you are tired and hungry, you just want to eat everything.
The bill book.. :) Oh ya.. did I mention that the Thais are very courteous people? They indeed ah.. when you enter a shop/stall they will greet you with a warm welcome and thank you when you leave the shop. Eateries especially, when you check the bill and leave, they will place their hands together at chest level, bow and say khrob khun kap(male)/kha(female), which means thank you. Such nice hospitality and warm people…
Rub-ar-roon Cafe 310-312 Maharaj Road
Bangkok, Thailand 10200
Contact ☎ +66 2 2622 2312

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