Sunday, October 3, 2010

Chicken Chop Burger - Tesco Extra Food Court, Sungai Dua, Penang

After looking at my sis’s fren’s facebook photos of this huge burger, I was pretty determined to try it one day… so I did… haha.. Tesco Extra is somewhere I go pretty often for grocery shopping, cos it’s easy to get parking and nearby to home. But I never really paid any attention to the food court there…

P1350714-1So there I was in Tesco weeks back for grocery shopping, and decided to go get this chicken Chop Burger MYR6.00 for dinner.


List of western food available….tesco extra chicken chop burger

And pretty extensive too… the koyak rabak menu….

P1350722-1Don’t be deceived by it’s look… the photo did not do any justice… it looks like some regular sized burger right?? Well, it’s not lo..

P1350727-1 It’s placed in a square 7” X 7” box… so plus minus, the diameter of the burger is around 5 to 6” lo.. It’s a piece of chicken chop with vegetable and generous amount of mayo…

P1350739-1The chicken though, would be good if it’s a succulent juicy piece… it’s quite dry to be eaten just like that…

P1350747-1So I got the black pepper sauce… I think they have mushrooms or other brown sauce too… for additional MYR1.00 .

P1350765-1 So I spread the black pepper sauce.. (well, at the same time glad that I bought it home so I can eat and be messy, no one can see me :P)

P1350767-1 With the chilli sauce too… it’s seriously big I did not know how to handle it…

P1350782-1  In the end I cut it into 4 pieces so I can east decently like a princess :P

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