Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Nothing Tastes Better Than Parent’s Cooking!

My parents came the other weekend cos we wanted to go for the Rasa Sayang Buy 1 Free 1 promo buffet dinner. And thanks to bro’s voucher, we paid only like RM10 per pax… hahahaha..

So they came early during lunch time, cos  mom wanted to clear off unwanted stuffs from our living room :P Along she brought fried vermicelli (bee hoon) she fried from home, and some lotus paste + nian gao pau-s dad made…. so there she was wanting to play hygiene inspector while dad wants to play plumber, wanting to fix our sink. Sigh.. parents… they just can’t sit quietly and enjoy the afternoon watching TV… so we have to help out too, cos it would be so bad if they do the cleaning and the kids sit there and do nothing right?

P1390126-1 This may look like a simple fried bee hoon…. economy bee hoon of course cannot fight.  It tastes very nostalgic. Reminds me a lot of childhood. During my childhood days, my family and relatives frequently go out for picnics, by the beach or the waterfalls. It’s usually in a big group of 3 to 4 families.. And everyone will bring food enough for all of us. When i had my first mouthful of the bee hoon, it immediately brought me back to the days, where we all were enjoying dipping and swimming in the cold water from the hills,  felt like it’s just not long ago… but in reality, it’s like 15 to 20 years back…Look at how fast time flies… and it still tastes the same..

On the way to Rasa Sayang that evening, we saw a number of  families out, having picnics by the beach… Mom said that’s it’s actually a good activity, spending quality time with family. I have to agree, and I do also noticed that majority only Malay families are still practicing it. Other modern families, are rarely seen having picnic outings with family. They spent their weekends at home or at the shopping centres… that’s where the sun don’t shine :P No offence but, I do have a lot of friends who are very afraid of the sun… Call me conservative or old fashioned, but I would like to bring my kids for picnic outings whenever I can, next time… if I have any la :P

P1390131-1And that’s my dad’s homemade lotus paste pau-s.  I think there’s some nian gao (sticky cake) inside too….

food from home

Simply the best, cos my papa made it :P

If I were to live with my parents, I’m surely to become a fat pig, cos I enjoy home cooked food a lot! phew… so partly good also that I’m staying out and have suffer without home cooked meals most of the time…

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