Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hung Makanan Laut Siput Balitong, Esplanade, Penang (revisited)

I basically go there once in a while… and during my previous post, i did not actually posted anything about the balitongs (Although the name of the stall purposely mention it and that is what they are famous for).

It’s because during my regular visits, my “makan” partner don’t usually eat balitongs… so it would be scary if I order and savour the whole plate on my own… I would have lost breathe and collapsed due to lack up oxygen in my brain for extensive…. er.. okay.. now it’s gonna sound like obscene if i continue to describe…. Well, the art of eating balitongs is by sucking from the bottom or tail so that the inner content you’ll be eating blocked and closed up the “back door entrance”. Then only you suck again from the upper section for the content to come out directly. Take note that there’s one little piece of circle shaped shell-like thingy that you must not swallow… it cannot be digested… it’s like the little extra door of the main entrance.


Many don’t eat balitongs cos you need to master the art to eat at ease…. some may struggle to get the content out… it’s not easy to use the tooth pick to dig it out due to the shape of the shell and it’s not as chewy as the other siput friends… it’s more tender and juicer.. also remember to hold tight to the shell when sucking cos you don’t want to choke yourself or have the shell stuck under your throat and clog up the intestine… haha.. gosh.. i’m making it sound so scary to eat this thing! Anyways, it’s really the best balitongs I’ve had so far.. the size is also bigger and it’s fresh! Finally get to order cos we went with another friend who also enjoy eating balitongs. So we both shared a plate while the other 2 friends just looked at us…


Regular order for the clams “thanh”…


Also the defaulted must have, oyster omelette also famously known as “orh chien”..


We tried the pasembur too… tasted just so so… I still like the pasembur in hometown… Although it’s more famous in Penang… but the sauce of Penang’s pasembur is somehow slightly different….

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