Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sin Hwa Lam Seafood Restaurant, Batu Maung

We previously patronize this zhu char restaurant when it resides at the old “atap” lot somewhere near the perikanan makan place (Pen Mutiara Curry House) and near the junction of the route going towards the Sam Poh Tong temple at Batu Maung. It was then known as Sin Hai Beng if i remember correctly.

It has been relocated to the new shop lot near Batu Maung’s OCBC, same row with UPS and Pretty Good Cafe and changed its name to Sin Hwa Lam Seafood Restaurant. Since it was Kar Wai’s birthday and we have not had lunch together for a while already, we all agree to go have zhu char. The food here is not bad, but it’s always full of patrons even though they have actually moved to a bigger and more spacious lot compared to the old place. Regular customers do go back and mostly are the ones working nearby factory and companies across phase 3 and 4.

Although it’s a new place, bigger with higher ceiling, it’s pretty stuffy in there… ventilation is quite bad… so it’s not very comfortable sometimes, you can’t really enjoy the food cause you’ll be wiping your sweat and only think of wanna eat and leave as fast as you can… cause it’s scorching hot out there and the next best thing you want is an airy, cold or at least cooling place to have lunch…


Lunch for 6 pax… initially 7, one person aeroplane-d cause she was suddenly held back with work… aih…

2 Deep fried squid



The regular must have, the tom yam soup, this round we opt for the prawn tom yam.. it’s thick, spicy and sour soup is cooked to perfection, sometimes you wish you want to have refills… which they do not offer..


Sizzling hot plate tofu with assorted vegetables and mushrooms, tasted not bad as well, one of the regular dish we order during out visit here


Belacan (shrimp paste) Fried chicken – we were hoping different parts of the chicken but it was all chicken wings part, the wings and the drummets… not everyone like chicken wings like I do… haha… and also since the email about chicken wings got circulated, many actually cut down on chicken wings intake.. :D overall, tasted okay as well, if only the belacan taste is more powerful…


I’m not sure what they call it in english, it’s like bigger version of Brussels sprout, smaller than cabbage… in hokkien, we call it “chai tnah” stir fry with straw mushrooms … I’m so gonna study more about vegetables now… :P


5 dish, 6 rice for 6 person cost as MYR99.00 personally feel that it’s a little bit pricey as I’ve eaten other zhu char-s which are so much more cheaper..… well, I don’t know.. what do you think? on the bright side, they serve good food, so, can’t complain much.. at least you pay for the quality of the food….

On different occasions, besides trying the above, we do change our menu sometimes… gotta try something else also ler… so these are the dishes we have tried prior to this meal, some at the old restaurant and some when they have moved to the new restaurant.


Sweet and sour pai kut ong (sparerib king) and this is really good… tender and juicy.. yum.. a dish well done..


Deep fried chicken with lemon sauce.. not a memorable dish… but it was not bad


urm.. again… i do not know what is this called in English.. look at the photo and go figure~ basically their stir fry vegetables don’t go wrong… so it’s all cooked pretty much perfectly.. not overdone and not too raw either…


Mixed tom yam, with mushrooms, vegetables and mixed seafood, taste just as good as the prawn tom yam


Stir fry kailan


Claypot tofu with assorted mushrooms and vegetables, tasted pretty same with the sizzling hot plate tofu.. but i prefer the sizzling one somehow…


Sweet and sour mantis prawns


Stir fry five spice pork meat… this was also good, the meat was tender, the aroma.. uhmm.. yummy… and the portion that day was somehow big…. so we could not finish it..


Tom yam steam fish, nicely done, the fish was fresh and the gravy was sweet, just nice to our liking…

If you happen to go there for lunch, make sure you choose the table near the entrance.. haha…

They also have meal for 1 type of dish like Char Hor Fun, Claypot Noodles, Pai Kut Ong Fried Rice, Tom Yam Noodles, Singapore Fried Bee Hoon, normal fried rice, rice with mantis prawns and the list goes on... you can check with the lady boss for the dishes available... and the portion can be huge... don't say I did not warn you :P

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