Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Seremban Kee Mei Mini Kaya & Sweet Corn Pow, Sunshine Market Food Court, Penang

Thinking what to have for tea time snack? These little cute pow-s (pau –buns) are just one of the perfect choice! Kee Mei Siew Pow is actually more famous for it’s real siew pow with pork (char siu-like)/chicken fillings. Just like normal steam buns (eg: char siu pau), this is the bake version, pastry outside with yummy fillings inside, and of course it’s more fragrant.. sometimes the aroma of the freshly baked pastries/pow-s will attract you when you are just walking nearby..


But if you don’t fancy the meaty affairs, these little cute ones are actually very recommended. And it taste at its best when it’s piping hot, fresh from the oven. The front one comes with pandan kaya filling…


And this one with sesame on top comes with sweet corn fillings.. no corn bits though.. it’s more like corn jam.. Both are actually very yummy.. used to be 3 pieces for MYR 1.00. Now it’s priced at 2 pieces for MYR 0.90


Yummy sweet corn filling.. but be very careful when it’s hot.. or if you decided to heat it up.. the filling can be very hot and you might burn your tongue.


The pandan kaya filling.. also an all time favourite…

P1480631-1Behold, the famous and signature pork siew pow… MYR 1.30 each…  crispy flaky pastry skin outside, yummy juicy sweet pork filling with some of the gravy inside.. just oh, so yummy…


Another one to differentiate between the pork, the chicken siew pow has got lots of sesame seeds on top. Fillings are of same type, just chicken meat instead of pork, also at MYR1.30 each


Besides the above mentioned, they also have a number of  pastries with different fillings.. those with red bean. yellow bean (i’m not sure what yellow bean is), salted green beans(those are actually mung beans, and it is basically dragon ball biscuit aka mini tau sa pneah), salted eggs bean (also not sure how it is like), mini mooncakes with red bean/coconut pandan fillings, wife biscuits (lou poh peng), eggs tarts (sometimes Portuguese egg tarts available), chicken and chicken curry puffs, kaya puffs, and even muffins.


Small stall with quite a number of selections to offer..


And of course you don have to go all the way to Seremban to get these… it has little stalls franchised all over Malaysia apart from the above main shop, and it’s available at Sunshine Market Food Court, next to a fruit stall at the outing side of the food court facing Suntech.

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Seremban Kee Mei Siew Pow
Sunshine Market Food Court
Bayan Baru, Penang.

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