Sunday, July 3, 2011

Curry Noodles - BB Cafe Bayan Baru, Penang

I noticed that BB’s Curry Mee (Special White Curry Noodles with traditional secret.. hmm) has it’s own set of regulars.. why is it different from other regular curry mee stalls (besides the famous Raja Uda’s curry mee la..)? This curry mee stalls offer regular curry mee (normal and dry), and also a selections of curry mee with extra ingredients like chicken curry (wings or drumstick), curry prawns, curry pork ribs, roasted pork (seo bak), barbequed pork (char siu) besides the normal condiments like pig’s blood, taufupok, cuttle fish, bean sprouts, garnished with mint leaves. All comes with different price based on the extra ingredients, or you can opt to have all in at MYR 9.00 per bowl.

P1230066  Anyways, my choice of the day was with the chicken curry drumstick @ MYR3.50.  Penang curry mee comes with santan soup with the curry/chili paste on the side. So you get to adjust the spiciness yourself. Well, something my mom is not used to. SP curry mee is with real cooked curry, richer taste. When she had her first curry me here, she was like, why the curry me like that one? Haha…

P1230072-1Anyways, to  make the bowl of noodles look more appetizing, stir in the curry/chili paste in the soup. Now, that’s more like it…  P1230070-1I personally felt that it’s just okay… not to say it’s super good, but not bad la.. I like the new world park once better.. and it actually tasted better when it was at the ever busy coffee shop rather than the food court.. dunno why huh.. either the quality deteriorate or something…


However, if you would want to experience a different side from regular curry mee, this stall might have what it takes.


BB Café (Corner lot of the shop houses behind Suntech)
Lintang Mayang Pasir 3.
Bayan Baru, Penang 11950

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