Sunday, July 17, 2011

Seafood Dinner, Hatyai

Well, not exactly fully seafood.. because there’s only 2 of us, we could not order fish, crabs or so as we fear that we will not be able to finish them. We even have to forego the tom yam! (Giving ourself an excuse to go another round :D)

There are a lot of these seafood restaurant… basically, you just go in whichever you feel comfortable with.. those by the main road are usually packed… so we walked into the alley and found another one which was not that full yet when we arrived, but by the time we leave, it was already full house..

P1490169-1Fresh seafood on display…  loads of them, everywhere…


We ordered some fresh juicy oysters…. not the cheapest though… it’s THB40 per piece.. got ourselves 2 each…


Fresh juicy oyster on a bed of crushed ice… THB 160

P1490173-1 The Thai condiments to go with the oysters.. i’m not sure what the green leafy thing are.. those are like ground chilli+garlic sambal, fresh limes and fried shallots… and it taste so much better than eating it with lemon juice and Tabasco sauce:) well, I like it this way..


Fat juicy fresh oyster….


Topped with the condiments and slurp!

P1490197-1 and another one! yummy!


Crab meat fried rice… kinda regret that we ordered all the dishes for 2 person… not because it’s not good.. but it’s so much we had to stuff ourselves silly! Burp! the fried rice came like mountain.. and thai fried rice usually don’t go wrong..  ice.. not sure how must was it.. but i guess it was around THB 80 to 100.


Chicken Feet Kerabu (Salad) also came a big portion we could not finish…. also not bad.. around THB 80 to 100 (i think)


Spicy srit fried squid.. if not mistaken also costing us around THB 80 to 100. The more you eat, the spicier it gets! Nice chewy fresh squid…but spicy!

P1490202-1 I’m not sure how much the dishes were cos in total we paid THB 490 for all inclusive a 100 plus and a nescafe ice… we should have ordered the sugar cane drink though… next round perhaps! The only price I’m sure of is for the oysters… so I guess averagely, the other dishes should cost around THB 80 to 100.

And there’s no name of this shop.. I mean.. it’s only in Thai and Chinese… and I can’t read both.. haha… anyhow, most of them serve the same thing.. There are many of these restaurants around along the road… just ask and go in whichever you are comfortable with… early dinner will be good… so you don’t have to wait for long.. and more time to shop after that :D

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