Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tom Yam Fried Rice, Sunshine Market Food Court, Penang

This tom yam fried rice is one of the most preferred by many. It’s rice fried in tom yam paste with egg, and marinated tom yam chicken, topped with with fresh cucumber slices and sprinkles of chopped spring onions.


Tom yam fried rice is MYR 4.50 for a regular one and MYR 5.00 for a big one. Even regular one is quite a big serving. The colour is very nice and rice is perfectly flavoured.


The chicken cubes seems to be marinated in prior before being cooked. It’s fresh (just look at the flesh), still succulent. The fried rice is served with a generous amount of chicken cubes.

P1480170-1It is overall very satisfying. Not too spicy, flavour is sufficient and serving is not bad too. Simply just yummy!

P1480184-1Besides tom yam fried rice, one of the few regulars I noticed customers order are the normal fried rice and also the pineapple fried rice. I’ll blog about the pineapple fried rice another time. They also has char koay teow and also fried teow chew mee teow. Business is very good, from the moment before I place my order, uncle was already busy frying non stop, until I finished the whole plate of piping hot yummy fried rice, he is still frying and customers went to place their orders non stop too.

P1480185-1Stall is number 89. Auntie has this mole on her forehead ala Nancy Sit Kar Yin, and easy to notice. For lunch, auntie will usually do the cooking… and they are usually opened around 1pm. Evening shift is taken over by the uncle. And somehow, the one fried by uncle has better colour, more appealing, somehow. :P If I’m not mistaken, they are closed on Tuesdays. Anyways, go and try, then let me know your thoughts :D

Stall 89 (Tom Yam Fried Rice)
Sunshine Market Food Court
Bayan Baru 11900,

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