Sunday, June 5, 2011

Buffet Dinner at Satoo, Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta

We had our hen’s night dinner at Satoo, Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta, with the then bride to be and her family members as well. There were total of 25 of us! Per pax is, if I am not mistaken was around IDR250000 plus minus. (Between MYR90 to MYR100). For the spread on a Saturday night, I would say that it’s quite reasonable comparing to those we have here. Buffet dinner on a 5 star hotel can cost us anytime above MYR100.

Not gonna elaborate more, will just share the photos of the food we all stuffed ourselves silly with.


Some started decently with salads…P1160176-1 P1160178-1

But majority went to attack the Japanese kitchen… hahaha…. The fishes were fresh but not the oysters though… P1160156-1 P1160161-1 P1160166-1 P1160173-1P1420890-1   

From the Indian Kitchen… briyani, tandoori, curries and one sesat peking duck wrap….

P1420886-1 P1160168-1

Fusion plate…Sesat one spicy noodle soup.. not sure if it’s soto ayam or laksa or something.… with fushion between Indian and Chinese.. curries, dhal and all, with sesat roasted duck and peking duck wrap… hahaha…
From the Chinese kitchen… the peking duck wrap was good…


From the grill… you can choose your satay, and seafood, and they will grill for you.. The fish thought wasn’t that cooked, such a waste… But the satays were good…   P1420897-1

Noodle soup.. something like pan mee…


And last but not least, heavenly yet sinful desserts, cakes, pudding, chocolate fountain, array of fresh fruits…P1160192-1  P1160198-1 P1160235-1P1160241-1P1160236-1IMG_0402-1

We definitely had enjoyed the night with delectable food, good ambiance and of course great company.P1160152-1P1160150-1

Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta
Kota BNI
JL. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 1
Jakarta 10220, Indonesia
T: (62 21) 570 7440
F: (62 21) 570 3530

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