Sunday, June 19, 2011

Ah Chye's Best Rojak, Sungai Dua, Penang

I was on my way home when I remembered a rojak stall I’ve read few floggers blogged about, so I thought I wanted to give it a try… but then I could not locate the stall when I reached and saw another stall instead… so since I’m already there, I might as well try it la…

So I found out that this is Ah Chye’s Best Rojak.
Uncle Ah Chye is a friendly chap…while preparing my order… he story a bit about his rojak business.. he is on mobile, available in Sungai Dua on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, in Paya Terubong on Sundays, then Farlim… urm.. if I remember correctly.. now I think I got confused a little.. hahaha.. anyways, no fret, call him at 012-4235932 to check for his location… :P Anyways, he has another stall in Gurney Drive whereby his wife and daughter is managing.
He has been selling rojak for the past 40 years! All the sauce and ingredients are prepared by him. You can actually buy only the sauce from him as well.
Rojak consist of fresh fruits namely young mango, guava, cucumber, pineapple, ambra, turnips (b/mangkuang), cuttle fish and crispy yau char kwai pieces.
All these are mixed  together with rojak sauce and topped with fragrant crushed peanuts. If you prefer spicier version, he will add in the chili paste for you.
Uncle purposely hung up his signboard up cos I wanted to take photos… haha.. he said he usually will only hang up at night…
The rojak is cost at MYR 3.50, MYR 5.00 and MYR 6.00 respectively.
Look at that… freshly cut fruits  mixed with thick yummy rojak sauce (main ingredient in rojak sauce is prawn paste), topped with generous amount of fragrant crushed peanuts! Uncle even let me take a sniff at his container of freshly toasted and crushed peanuts.. it was indeed really fragrant and played quite a role in his rojak.
Being lazy to mix everything myself, I requested uncle to mix everything up for me.. If you are taking away, staying far and not consuming it there and then, I would suggest that you order for the rojak sauce to be packed separately. Cucumbers especially are very good at producing excess water and it may dilute the rojak sauce.
P1470661-1I reached home with the rojak still looking perfect! No excess water yet.. phew.. Uncle is indeed very generous with the ingredients, rojak sauce and the crispy yau char kwai pieces and of course the crushed peanuts! This is a RM 5.00 pack, and I finished it all up alone! My dinner! and I still have excess thick rojak sauce available by the time I finished.

Ah Chye’s Best Rojak
Mobile Stall & Gurney Drive
012-4235932 / 04-2265932

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