Saturday, June 11, 2011

Homemade Soya Bean Drink

Last week, I made my very first soya bean drink without using the soya bean machine… I do not have any recipe though as I just agak agak (made my own estimation) only… haha

P1460740-1 Organic soy beans… washes and soaked over night… it’s round in shape… and after soaking overnight…..


It became like this…. what’s needed is only soy beans and pandan (screw pine) leaves… Use more for better fragrance…

P1460759-1Remove access skins of the soy beans, rinse few times…. tie the screwpine leaves into a knot.. few knots if you prefer…

P1460773-1 P1460778-1

I think I put like 10-12 tablespoons of soy beans along with around 600-700ml water…. off in the blender! then I double strain the mixture to ensure it’s all smooth soy bean drink without any  pulp residue… so I used the normal strainer and the cloth strainer…


Transfer the strained soy bean milk into the pot, throw in the knotted pandan leaves and leave it to simmer on slow fire, stirring regularly to avoid the soy bean milk to curd or even burn. I had my soy bean without sugar..  you may opt to put in rock sugar, normal sugar, brown sugar etc


Easy to make, fast too.. it’s actually better than the ones you get at the stores as they contain preservatives…

P1460884-1      P1460906-1 Without preservatives, it can last for 2 days… but I made just enough for 1 day consumption… If need to keep, it must be refrigerated.

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