Monday, June 6, 2011

A Different Wedding Reception Experience at Eka Ria, Jakarta

Earlier this year, I went to Jakarta to attend a wedding dinner of a good childhood friend of mine. She married an Indonesian Chinese but both of them are actually working and staying in Sydney. We all took this opportunity for a great gathering among us close childhood friends and travel all the way there :)

Her wedding reception was held at a Chinese restaurant called Eka Ria. It’s one big restaurant with pretty interiors. Food served was half like our normal Chinese banquets here, but some were rather new to most of us.


Like our first dish, are the combinations platter, in which ours will normally have maximum 5 dishes that is sufficient for 10 person per table.


Their combination platter comes with 7 to 8 different dishes and like 4 to 5 pieces each. Something new to us… hahaha…


Next, ours will normally come with shark’s fin soup/ corn cream soup.

IMG_0706-1This is asparagus soup, a little Szechuan-ish, asparagus in sourish thick broth with crabmeat. Also something new.. and  it’s quite appetizing…  Oh ya.. they said that there are meanings behind the dishes served in wedding banquets.. shark’s fin soup means wealth..


Next, ours here will usually be the chicken/duck/suckling pig. Suckling pig means virginity… gah~ :S


I think this are pigeons… roasted marinated pigeons, with honey i think… anyways, pigeons represents peace… 

P1160624-1 Prawns are pretty normal, very fresh. Some served lobsters in banquets, but both when cooked are red in colour, which means happiness…


Then came a plate of little square pork sandwiches… the pork is well marinated, juicy and actually taste quite nice.. also not something you usually see…

P1160633-1 Then the regular dishes came, fresh scallops with broccoli….

P1160639-1  Deep fried fish meat with sweet and sour sauce.. fish is a symbol of plenty…


Then the crispy noodles which were not that good, it was dry and not hot anymore when it was served… noodles means longevity…

P1160668-1 Lastly, the 9th course was the dessert. We initially thought it’s just a regular longan drink…


But below it was actually almond soya/milk  jelly, also nice. Not very strong almond taste… just nice…

P1420920-1 Part of the banquet ballroom, they have 1st floor as well and another side of private rooms and smaller function rooms.


Signing off the Jakarta trip posts with our group photo… girls… let’s do this again!!!

Eka Ria Restaurant
Jl K.H Zainal Arifin
No 21A-23 Jakarta Pusat,
(62-21) 6385 7777

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