Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Aza Aza Starvil, Bayan Bay, Penang

I was dropping by at Queensbay to get some stuffs and I parked my car right opposite Queensbay instead of what I normally do, parking in the mall’s car park. Took a stroll to the mall and back to my car. It was near dinner time when I left, and on the way to my car, I walked pass this place.

And since I have been craving for kimchi jjigae, I decided to give it a try. All along, my standard korean indulgence will be at Daorae, in which I think i have not blogged about it yet since most of everyone have done it.. but I’ll just post those photos up one of these days.

Anyways, I walked in to this small Korean restaurant, not very busy, only few tables few occupied that time.. so I get to choose my seats. I took the seat nearest to the tv screen, since I was alone, I might as well enjoy the available entertainment. Korean variety show was on, Running Man. It’s kinda funny too! Although I don’t understand Korean, by only reading the subtitles, I find myself laughing alone while enjoying my meal.

P1470353-1 My meal came with some sides/banchan. They do not have as much variety compared to Daorae, but for me alone, it’s good enough. Potato salad, which was just okay… my best tasted potato salad is from Aji Noren.


What is Korean restaurant without their staple food, the kimchi… quite a generous portion of kimchi…


Cold seasoned vegetables..


I have no idea what this is.. and I don’t quite like it..


Dipping sauce..


Only the sides itself is enough to make me full…

P1470376-1Mixed Fruit Cocktail, MYR 4.90. Tasted okay, just kinda too sweet, I think I can dilute it into 3-4 cups. They have few different types of flavour tea to choose from.. I personally do prefer being served tea like in Daorae.. hehe… P1470379-1

The utensils box…


And yay! My piping hot kimchi jjigae was served with rice, MYR 17.90. If ramen, additional MYR 1.00. Costs slightly more than Daorae.


It has rich red colour and the ingredients are quite generous. Tasted not bad…


Believe it or not, I managed to finish the whole pot… :P


Rice bowl…


Korean rice tastes just like japanese rice.. a little bit more starchy that our regular rice.. I only ate half of it as I was busy cleaning my kimchi jjigae’s pot.


The drinks counter…

P1470403-1 Their normal booth seating…


Booth seating…


Enjoying the Korean show, Running Man. Total bill came to MYR 25.10 (inclusive of service charge) The staffs are majority Bangladeshis, i think… They don look Nepalese/Vietnamese like the ones in Daorae.

Service was good, the staffs were helpful, I keep asking them to add water and ice to my drink (cos it was too sweet) and they happily obliged. And hor… haha… I didn’t finish my kimchi… cos I was only halfway eating it and my meal arrived. So I thought it would be wasteful if they just throw it away.. So I asked the staff if I could take away the poor balance kimchi… and he actually packed it up for me.. hahaha… usually, I don’t think they let you take away side dishes… so nice of him… and after I checked the bill,  I made my move to the door with my drink (good thing they serve it in a plastic cup, not very environmentally friendly but convenient for me :P).. I could not really finish it cos it was sweet, and I planned to dilute it with my mineral water left in the car. Anyways, the staff came running and I thought I have left something behind… he handed over the cover for the cup, so I don’t spill it all over… how thoughtful :D

P1470414-1 Lunch set available as affordable price…

P1470417-1 Aza Aza Starvil
47-G, Persiaran Bayan Bay,
Bayan Indah, Bayan Lepas,
11900 Penang.
Contact number: 012-4038636 (Isshin Lim – Manager) / 04-6439092
Email: azaazastarvil@gmail.com

Business Hours: 11:00am – 2:30pm (Lunch) 5:00pm – 10:00pm (Dinner-last order 9:30pm)
Closed on last Monday of the month.

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