Monday, June 20, 2011

My Kimchi Bokumbop

Kimchi bokumbop simply means kimchi fried rice.. Anyways, remember my lefr over kimchi i took away from my last korean meal here. Haha.. I have not done anything to it until yesterday.. I decided to cook kimchi bokumbop… one of the easiest thing to cook with kimchi… got the recipe from here, they have so many korean recipes I wanna try a few of them one day :)

I basically put whatever I have in my fridge, some thinly sliced pork, mini diced carrots, onions, spring onions, shrimps, fresh mushrooms, garlic and of course chopped kimchi!

P1470731-1Everything in the wok and it turns out beautifully.. the colour… the aroma.. simply yum! 

P1470763-1 Then I dished is out like how they usually do it… :D

P1470765-1 Pretty isn’t it.. hahaha….


And they usually top the rice with a sunny side up…

P1470770-1 In which I did…but my sunny side up is just not perfect… when I wanted to dish it out, the yolk kinda pecah and oozes out a little.. cacat only… this, I serve to my bro, my usual defaulted victim! LOL!

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