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Breakfast: Roti Bakar & Nasi Lemak, Joo Leong Cafe, Sungai Tiram

This place is no stranger to Penangites especially to those staying at vicinity and studying/working at Bayan Lepas Industrial area. It is after all have been operating like for 50 years already. This is their breakfast place at day time and seafood porridge/noodles and salted chicken place by night time. Some will make their way for breakfast even before heading to airport when they need to fly off on a morning flight. It is open as early as slightly pass 6am to near afternoon.


Typical breakfast set will be 2 piece toasted Hainanese bread with butter spread, MYR 1.60 with 2 half boiled eggs, MYR 1.40.

P1470265-1Bread is toasted to golden brown, spread with butter, cut into mouth-size pieces.  Crispy on the outside and still a little softness of the bread on the inside. The golden colour made it more appealing.. if only it’s charcoal toasted… The toasts here are toasted in a normal bread toaster. If I did not hear it wrongly, the Uncle Law mentioned that he sells like 21000 pieces of bread per month, wah.. means uncle make like MYR 16800 per month(before minus of the costs) just by selling toasts? I also want to open breakfast place liao :P


Half boiled eggs are just perfect! I can hardly achieve this results… :(


Food are served rather fast… in less than 5 minutes.. perhaps I was late already.. I was there at 10.00am..  it is more packed and busy earlier in the morning…


Soy sauce, salt and pepper are ready on the table. You may ask for sugar too if your wish to sprinkle on your buttered bread.


But most people eat it the savoury style.. sprinkle salt on the buttered bread… some pepper and soya sauce in the half boiled eggs, and dip the bread pieces!


Yummy yum yum!


Besides roti bakar, they also have nasi lemak! Choices of spicy ikan bilis (anchovies) labeled as “B” or sambal fish which is not labeled. Hut, you if favour the sweet sambal nasi lemak, this may not be the one for you. The pre-packed nasi lemak are placed on each tables, and you can conveniently take the pack in front of you to savour.

P1470293-1 This is very savoury-ish, to the salty sambal side rather than the sweet sambal. The sambal gravy has onions slices along… so it’s best if you eat it immediately, and if take away, do not keep for long until after lunch… else it’s be basi by then…


Sometimes I enjoy eating this type of sambal’s nasi lemak too..  it has that nyonya asam sambal taste… and beside this, they also have pre-packed economy fried noodles and vermicelli(usually mixed of both in a pack) at the counter.


Most of the patrons are regulars… this is as off 10 plus in the morning and all tables are still occupied by customers.


They have seats until the outdoor area…


The counter where all the works are done.. drinks, toasts and soft boiled eggs.


The entrance to the cafe.

P1470306-1 Easily recognized, if your are going towards airport, it will be at your left hand side and the cafe is actually right on opposite road where a row of shop houses namely Panasonic service centre, Longwan and Sungai Tiram Post Office is situated.. you can start to slow down when you see many cars packed at the roadside. The owners of the cars are very much probably enjoying their morning toasts with soft boiled eggs, nasi lemak with a cup of kopi o.

Joo Leong Cafe (裕隆茶室)
179-H, Sungei Tiram,
11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang.

Tel (1) : 010-4124865
Tel (2) : 012-4984865

Business Hours : 6.20 am to 11.30 am (Breakfast) 6.00 pm to 11.30 pm. (Dinner)
Closed on Mondays

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