Saturday, May 2, 2009

Siam Express, Queensbay Mall

I’ve been here only twice, and prior to opening another outlet in Queensbay Mall years back, Siam Express have been operating in Gurney Plaza. Sometimes I wonder how did it manage to survive when rarely, there’s patrons filling the seats in both outlets.

Anyways, I went to try anyhow, just to experience and clear my doubt. Because they do not have many customers, they serve you really fast, maybe because most of it has been precooked and all just reheated. Well, I’m not sure but it does looked like it…



Green curry chicken served with steamed rice MYR12.90, you can opt for beef with extra MYR1.00 additional.


Quite aromatic but oily though… all green curry are like that I assume…


Tom yam seafood fried rice wrapped in omelette, something like Pattaya fried rice…the fried rice does not really taste like fried rice though.. it’s like cooked rice with some seafood and tom yam paste… or it have been fried in big batch earlier and left one side until someone place an order, they just scoop and wrap it, well I’m not sure, they should know better cause they serve the food up real fast, like no cooking is needed… presentation wise can be pretty deceiving cause the taste did not impress me much… it was not hot enough… just warm…

se5 se7

Then they have this happy hour menu applicable from 3:00pm to 6:00pm daily. 4 choices of dish at MYR8.95++ with ice lemon/peach tea included.


Having to just have tom yam for lunch and dinner the previous day, I thought I’ll go for something different, something fusion… I ordered choice number 4, Thai spaghetti with chicken and herbs in creamy sauce….


And so it came, with presentation quite appealing but was just a little bit surprised that the sauce was rather thin. I was under the impression that creamy sauce could be rich thick creamy sauce, like carbonara but I totally forgot about creamy sauce or soup in Thai could be just soup with coconut milk….


The sauce is something like green curry flushed with extra water or clear tom yam soup combined with coconut milk… I can’t really tell and explain how it tasted like.. it sure does taste thai but a confused thai… but it’s fusion after all, it’s supposed to be confused.. hahaha… but the chicken was not fresh at all… you can tell if the chicken is not fresh by it’s weird taste… like it’s turning bad, or it taste like chicken that have been frozen for a long long time…. so the non thick creamy sauce and the not fresh chicken meat especially, totally spoiled the whole thing…


se12 se13


The interior with pretty wood carvings, Thai statues and dimly lit…

I wasn’t really happy with the spaghetti, although in the receipt, it states there, HAPPY Spaghetti! I then decided to give the dessert a chance… see if it can compensate a little at least on the earlier damage… there are 3 types of desserts, which is the Water chestnut in iced coconut milk @ MYR5.90, Mango with sticky rice @ MYR9.90, or the combination of both with coconut ice cream which I ordered..



1 scoop of Thai Coconut ice cream with sea coconut (atap chi), jackfruit, sticky rice and water chestnut @ MYR6.90, which did not disappoint… it’s not superbly great but it’s not bad at all… the ice cream is rich and nice… even without the extra “companions”, it sure does taste nice by itself only topped with crushed peanuts…

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