Friday, May 1, 2009

New BT Food Court, Burmah Road

This food court has been there for a while now with brisk business. It has huge selections of Penang hawker fares, and also other international cuisines like Western, Japanese, Italian and stuffs.

It can be stuffy sitting in the food court regardless the high ceilings and the huge spray fans available. So you can opt to sit outside, well, of course during night time ler… and don’t play play… they have Wifi also leh… and huge plasma-s… high tech also.. haha


Hokkien noodles (Prawn Noodles) was not bad.. the soup is thick with rich prawn taste (maybe because it was the last few bowls), presented nicely with meat slices, eggs slices, prawns and sprinkled with aromatic fried shallots. But overall, it’s not bad..


nbt4 Seafood and vegetable curry parcels… I’m not sure if this is a Portuguese cuisine or somehow like it. It’s seafood (prawns, clams, squids, and i think got mussels) and vegetables (lady’s fingers/okra and four angled beans) cooked with thick curry sauce, wrapped in aluminum foil and I think they baked for a while before serving cause you can see the steam released the moment you open the aluminum parcel.  tasted okay, quite spicy and I believe it goes well with rice, not sure if they have it…

nbt5 Seafood Tom Yam Spaghetti, Italian with a hint of Asian. My friend said it’s quite sour though… as in more sour than a normal tom yam. But if you love your tom yam super sour, you will like this one a lot.. Presentation wise, pretty tempting when you look at it.

nbt6Fried Maggi noodles, fried in huge wok with strong fire, it surely does give it an extra oomph aroma and it has got few huge prawns too!!


Belacan(Shrimp Paste) Fried Chicken… really crispy at the outside and succulent in the inside, but the belacan taste is quite mild… If the belacan taste is strong enough, it will then be really really good since the coat is already crispy and yummy….

nbt7 Grilled honey chicken wings!! ~Siu gai yek, I love to eat ~ :P I actually like the one in Jelutong Market next to the Mat Tou Yau thong sui though cause is has the hint of the five spice powder..

There’s many more food to try there.. next round perhaps :D

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