Friday, May 1, 2009

Canton-i, Queensbay Mall

Canton-i opened their doors to Penangites at Queensbay Mall, early 2009 few years after sister restaurant Dragon-i serve their first customer in Penang. Difference is, Dragon-i serves Shanghainese cuisine and Canton-i on the other hand serves Hong Kong cuisine.



Their interior theme are simpler, yet nice, in combination of white and pink.


I like the so called divider wall, in white with cherry blossoms, dragonflies and butterflies. Nice touch with their tables and chairs which somehow also look traditional but chic.

ci3 Table setting is pretty much the same as Dragon-i’s

ci4The difference is only, the restaurant name imprinted on the chopstick.



Hong Kong Signature Prawn Wonton Noodles, and I have to say it’s not bad at all. It tastes somewhat similar to the ones I had in Hong Kong but maybe slightly smaller in portion which is good cause that also I had hard time finishing it. In Hong Kong, I had to get my brother to finish the other half. The prawn wantons are nice, fresh and wrapped in delicate wanton skin. The vege (choy sum) well, definite look presentable in a whole but I don’t quite fancy choy sum so I have to think of ways to slide it down my throat without chewing it, which of course I did not manage to, I ate it anyways.


Breaded crabmeat patties something like that, i think.. I can’t remember because it was not me who made the order…. Crispy and nice flavour…

ci9 ci10

Fried rice with fresh scallops (around MYR18 or MYR20 i think) which was rather plain and oily… but of course perhaps it was already with scallops added, they do not want to spoil the taste by adding other ingredients…  my friend who treated me for dinner loves his fried rice. In Dragon-i, he will order his MYR16 fried rice, when we go for buffet in Rasa Sayang, he said he must try the fried rice too.. (speaking of which, i have not blogged about Rasa Sayang’s buffet I had.. last September before i went to Hong Kong.. oops.. hahahaha!!).. anyways, I conclude him as rice bucket (fan tong).

ci11 Bolo Yau/(菠蘿油)… (Hong Kong Buttered Pineapple buns) is one Hong Kong famous and must haves. Some would just have the simple plain Bolo Pau without the butter. It’s called Polo Pau (Pineapple Buns) not because it has pineapple as an ingredient but basically because the checkered top sugary crust on the buns that is baked to golden brown, and resembles the pineapple’s outer skin. Pretty sinful, if you can see, the one nice piece of butter stuffed inside. Read something from the wiki on Bolo Pau.. it says…

“ In 2005, "Pineapple Bun" was nominated as a potential typhoon name but was rejected. The director of the Hong Kong Observatory, Lam Chiu Ying, as one of the judges for the naming process, commented: "If we say XX country is being ravaged by Pineapple Bun, that would be too hilarious."”

hahaha.. I agree… then it will sound more like a joke than natural disaster and a tragedy!


Pretty lamps in bird cages, creating a nice ambiance..


There is still other section in the restaurant (which was closed) but I guess the patrons are not at the maximum capacity, so they only seated us at one section so it’s easier to manage. Food here, I guess there is more to explore. I’ve tried only a few, however if compared to Dragon I, the selections are slightly lesser and more expensive too.

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