Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Yong Pin Restaurant, Jalan Sungai Ujong, Penang

After a try at De Tai Tong, my friend suggested we should try another shop which was nearby as it’s also one of Penang’s oldest dim sum restaurant… She introduced Yong Pin to me… compared to tai Tong, of course many must have already known that the variety is not as many as what Tai Tong has got to offer… These dim sums are brought in huge steam basket with small plates containing certain basic variety of dim sum.


The must have and the most basic one would be the siew mai (minced pork dumpling).. it is not served in small steam basket or the  metal steam basket, is I somehow believe it is once of the factor that these dim sum lost their moisture due to the exposure to the air.


The second in list of must have in dim sum is the har gow (prawn dumpling).. also same, due to the serving in small plates directly from the steamer, it’s best that the moment the put the plate on the table, you eat it immediately while it’s still hot. else the texture will change very fast and in a way will then impact the taste. We all love our dim sum piping hot, juicy and moist.


Steam fish balls… am not a big fan of fish ball but with this friend, fish balls is a must have :D


Then we have the char hor fun which was not bad… I however personally prefer wat dan hor…. means char hor fun with egg… before coming to Penang, never once I have eaten Char Hor Fun without egg, never knew that in Penang, if char hor fun with eggs, you are to add at least MYR0.50. The first time I ordered the char hor fun, it came like the one above, without egg… I was like something is missing.. what??  is there no egg in my char hor fun??? reason being is that, in SP, char hor fun or char tua pan are all defaulted with eggs…


Black beans steamed spare ribs…


Char Siu Bao/Pau…. I heard the pau-s are all own made….. fluffy pau with yummy char siu…


We ordered something from the menu on the wall.. something we all actually never tried… they called it Keong Ngap Mun Min (Fried/BraisedNoodle with Ginger Duck) It’s ee foo mee braised in the ginger duck gravy and I have to say it’s good for the ones who want to release the air from their body. It has really rich and strong ginger aroma and duck meat piece which my friend did not enjoy much :D And from the ginger pieces in the noodles, can see that it’s old ginger, which is stronger and more spicy. It can be considered special cause you don’t find this at just anywhere… and only available on selected days, I can’t remember though… Friday is one of it… cause I was there… hahaha…


Inside the shop, there’s this painting of the shop itself from the front view. Nice!



Deep Fried savoury some kind of like sui kow, with mayonnaise…

This is one of the old dim sum restaurants that operates at night besides De Tai Tong at Cintra Street and few others catering for the ones who loves dim sum for supper. And they have their own regular crowd too. Read somewhere that the mah tai koh (Fried water chestnut steamed cakes) and prawn rolls are also good choices. Will try is the next time I go visit :D

Yong Pin Restaurant

11-B&C, Jalan Sungai Ujong, 10100 Penang
Opening Hours starts at  6.00am – 12.00pm; 7.00pm – 12.00am and closed on Mondays
Contact ☎ 604-261 1355

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