Monday, June 15, 2009

Bangkok Tomyam, Bayan Lepas (Revisited)

Was there with 3 colleagues of mine for lunch and we decided to order dishes with white rice this round instead of the fried rice/noodles we usually order individually. So we settled for telur bawang goreng (fried onion omelet), mango kerabu, ayam padprik/paprik and prawn tomyam. We actually ordered stir fry kailan with salted fish but the person who took our order did not hear us clearly i guess.


So the guy walked off and in like less than 3 minutes, suddenly another lady came and start serving the dishes to us… rice, omelet, stir fry kailan and the prawn tomyam, which of course left us in awe cause the guy just took our order like less than 5 minutes ago…. i took the photos anyway… muahahaa… it’s was quite similar to what we have ordered… cause we do not know if their onion omelet actually looks like wrapped omelet (telur bungkus). My colleague also pointed out that there’s a table near to us that was there earlier but they have not gotten their food… well, of course we get them to confirm again if it’s our order cos the tom yam we ordered is actually the medium one instead of the small one.. well.. turns out it’s the other table’s order. hahaha… we thought that their service is really really fast!


Our order came minutes later and they were courteous enough to change the rice that was served to us earlier… (they did not take the rice served to us earlier with the dishes to the other table, instead got them new plates of hot rice) So they changed ours as well… instead of “make dunno” like some others would do.. So here’s the onion omelet.. simple and nice… MYR3.00


The mango kerabu/salad - MYR6.00…. which was also good… refreshing…


The ayam padprik/paprik - MYR7.00, something like ayam masak kicap… the gravy is nice.. goes really well with the hot white rice… yum!


The sambal belacan… which is also.. good and hot!


And the prawn tomyam - MYR10.00… with 8 medium prawns, soup was good but a little bit salty, compared to the one i had earlier which was sweeter… but overall it’s good…


The meal cost us MYR33.90, inclusive of white rice, MYR1.00 per pax and drinks alsoMYR1.00 for each sirap limau. Which is not bad… affordable… but we still have the flies issue though…. they only appear when the food is served… sigh… but we have no complains so far, and will still return for their yummy food!

Bangkok Tomyam

3132, Jalan Makahmah, Bayan Lepas, Pulau Pinang

Contact ☎ 016-476 0129 / 012-4259227


Siew Goh said...

wen.. where is this?

Wenlynn said...

near the airport there.... if you know mak longs nasu campur, then you will know where this place is... maybe one day i bring u there :D