Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Soon Lai Seafood Restaurant, Greenlane, Penang

A friend of mine brought me here for dinner one day.. she says they serve yummy crabs at very reasonable price. Besides crabs, seafood and list of choices from chicken to pork, tofu to vegetables, you name it, they would have it… But since it was only 3 of uc, we did not order too much…. just enough to accommodate our tummy… you can check out Food Galore’s page for more recommendation since this was my first visit and I’ve tried only minimal dishes…


We had steamed crabs with chinese rice wine, garlic, ginger and chili paddy.. Love the gravy… i have this thing with chinese wine.. love the aroma in most cooking… crabs was really fresh, but perhaps a little bit too much chili paddy, the gravy turned more spicy towards the end, it had the hint of spicy bitterness from the chili paddy..


Not sure what chicken is this but it was recommended by the lady who took our order.. it seems to be like house special sauce… and it’s yummy too… gravy goes well with the rice and chicken is tender and not over fried.


Sizzling tofu with eggs.. also nice.. I could just eat white rice with the gravy alone…


Simple vegetable, bigger version of Brussels sprouts or as we called it “chai tnah” or “kana kia”..


Overall, happy with the food and will go back and try the others… looking at the other dishes served at other tables… yum.. salivating~… i wanna go back and try all of them! But do try to go early… or slightly later… peak hours starts at 7:00pm to around 8:30pm.. very crowded with patrons! It does not look like a seafood restaurant though… so you might miss it… It’s located at the same row with Sabai Sabai thai food, but the other end of the row.

Soon Lai Seafood Restaurant

15, Lintang Batu, Greenlane

11600, Penang

Contact ☎ 04-6589799

Business hours: 6 pm -12 am (open daily)

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