Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Nyonya Breeze, Abu Siti Lane, Penang

After a tiring hiking trip to Keracut beach with my sis and her friends, we went to Nyonya breeze to fill in our tummies, having to burn most of the calories along the hike :D

There were 11 of us, so we let Shaun be the tauke (boss) and do the ordering… our kerja (work) is to eat only :P

The menu offering is pretty extensive with daily specials… they have most of the authentic nyonya dish you have learnt from “Little Nyonya


The door to authentic nyonya cuisine…. the menu laa :P


Utensils and plates neatly placed on each tables


First up.. Ayam Ponteh MYR 12:00 for small serving. Braised chicken with carrots and potatoes in a delicious sauce of bean paste and gula melaka (palm sugar). Substitute the chicken with pork, then you’ll have Babi Ponteh :D My fav dish of the day… it has got this nice flavour with the palm sugar sweetness and the saltiness of the bean paste, both mixed together and viola, i could just eat rice and the gravy alone...



Another famous nyonya dish, Jiu Hoo Char, MYR 8.40, add lettuce MYR 2.40 as wraps. Cuttlefish strips stir fried with pork slices , turnip, carrot, cabbage, onions and mushroom strips. Also known to some ask mangkuang char. The slight difference is there’s more cuttlefish strips used for the extra flavour. However, most commented that the one served here is not as fragrant. to me it somehow has got the hint of bak kua taste… haha.. something wrong with my taste buds..


Acar awak, MYR 7.20. Pickled cucumber, cabbages, carrots, long bean, and it has got french beans too, in spicy tangy mix. I personally prefer my aunt’s :D


Kari Bak Kut (Ribs curry) MYR 14.40. Thick spicy, savoury curry of pork ribs chunks and potatoes. Very rich and this is also one of my favourite except that the pork rib is not that tender, the flavour though is very good.


Egg Belanda MYR 3.60 with servings of 2 fried eggs in sweet and sour gravy of tamarind extract and onions… hmm.. this one I did not try because there’s so many other dishes in front of me :P… it looks good though… haha…



Kiam Hu Kut Tau Hu Th’ng MYR 14.40, salted fish bones and bean curd soup with sprinkling of pepper powder and spring onions… This is not bad… the aroma though is not quite there.. but flavour wise was good, not too salty, just nice with smooth tofu (bean curd) pieces…


Nasi Ulam MYR 7.00. Steamed rice tossed with salted fish , dried prawns, belacan, kerisik (toasted grated coconut) and assorted local herbs. This unfortunate not as good as I though it would… My dad make wan better :P rice was quite dry, sould not really taste the salted fish or the dried prawn.. i mean.. the flavour is just not there… quite bland… my dad will usually add fried selar fish though.. perhaps that add some moist into it…


Digging in… before all dishes were served.. all lapar (hungry) already.. hahaha


Business is a brisk even for lunch, patrons moving in and out. Must be regulars… The place is not as huge.. previously they have an outlet in Tanjung Bungah next to Naza Hotel. Went there before, years back with my parents but could not recall much.. perhaps it wasn’t really great…


This round though was pretty pleasant.. with good company and different dishes to try, would certainly go back to explore the others…

Nyonya Breeze

No.50, Abu Siti Lane, 10400 Georgetown, Penang

Contact ☎: 019 - 443 7104

Lunch 11:30am to 2:30pm Dinner 6:30pm to 10:00pm

Closed on Tuesday except for public holidays

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