Monday, September 21, 2009

Bites, Lagenda Height, Sungai Petani

This round home, I made the effort to pay Hu Nee a visit at her newly opened shop… must support and “pong chan” la… hahaha…. since most of our friends have been there, I also cannot lose la… muahahahaha

A lot of photos lo… so let them do the work :D overall the food is not bad.. price is also reasonable…


The menu….. opens up to pretty wide range of yummy looking food! Got illustration punya ok… I personally like menu with illustrations… so I at least know how my food would look like…

shop layout7-1a

Place mats… with utensils and my honeydew milk… :D

shop layout8-1a

Honey dew milk was good, not diluted and good thing is the honey dew is sweet, MYR 4.50.  Wildberry Lemon tea (Naturalis.. Imported from Germany :D) has good nice fragrant and of course, refillable, MYR4.00 and Coke, MYR3.00


Beef with black pepper sauce, served with rice, MYR 7.50.. sorry… this one halfway eaten d, only take photo… haha… the the black pepper sauce is just nice and best of all, the beef is tender… sedap! Presentation also pretty simple…

lv cupcakes-1a

Ginger & spring onion chicken, served with rice, MYR 6.50… looks good right? Goh says it’s not bad… portion also just nice… not too small, not too big…

shop layout-1a

Grilled Thai Chili Chicken, served with butter rice, MYR 13.50..


In this bento style meal, it has got the butter rice, deep fried chicken with thai chili sauce, some fries (which was a lil cold soggy by the time it was served), tomato cucumber slices and coleslaw (with lack of the tangy flavour.. hu nee, a lil lemon juice could help or terus get the ready made dressing for coleslaw, the ones from ladies’ choice not bad… or heinz also okay, more exp nia :D) Reason to this is all though the coleslaw plays a small role of the bento, but after butter rice, fried chicken and fries, all oily, I personally like to enjoy the vege too :D Overall, it’s an exciting dish… pretty colours and presentation… tasted not bad too… but there’s room for improvement :D

shop layout1-1a Butter rice nicely fried but I did not tasted much of the butter…. the sesame oil over power the butter it seems… but since I like sesame oil, so it’s fine with me :D just a lil bit too oily… the next time I order.. less oil ya :D

shop layout2-1a

The chicken was great, crispy on the outside, juicy tender in the inside and goes well with the sauce… and the portion is generous too :D

shop layout3-1ashop layout4-1shop layout5-1a

Bites cheesy cocktail sausages, MYR 5.50… on the house…courtesy of Hu Nee :D Sausages is specially ordered, and nicely dished out in small mouth bite sticks with cheese, lettuce and halved cherry tomato. Thousand island sauce for dipping…

shop layout1-1 Interior of the shop… simple yet sophisticated, contemporary and nice… ambiance pretty good… comfortable too…

shop layout5-1shop layout2-1shop layout8-1shop layout7-1

Different types of seating in the shop…

shop layout1-2Cakes, tarts, cupcakes, all nicely displayed… cakes could be displayed with the cut side facing out.. so we can see the fillings… :D the tarts and cakes all seem really yummy, but too bad, no more space in my tummy.. gosh.. it rhymes.. hahaha…

shop layout6-1The view of the entire cafe from the entrance.. and take note that the little cute Louis Vuitton bags are not for sale… :D it’s Ms Boss’ engagement party leftovers :D hahahaha…      

lv cupcakes-1shop layout-1

Hu Nee, better do something before they all turn blue and moldy… hahaha.. leather bags need extra care too :P

2009-913 When we were about to leave.. jeng jeng.. En and SC walked in.. what a coincidence! So we stayed for a little while, chatted and of course after numerous shots, we bid bye bye and head home…

shop layout9-1 Opening hours, Sunday to Thursday 12:00noon to 12:00 midnight, Friday and Saturday 12:00 noon to 1:00 am. Wifi available… to can bring your laptops and facebook-ing there :P

shop layout3-12009-913a

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