Saturday, September 26, 2009

Hard Rock Hotel, Penang

2 weeks before the opening, a good friend of mine invited me for a pre opening stay, just to experience the Hard Rock Hotel before it is opened to public. Am indeed honoured, having the opportunity to experience the stay before hand :D During my stay, contractors were still very busy working on each and every corner of the hotel till wee hours to rush for the opening in the next 2 weeks.

Now that it’s completed and opened to public, I’m sure many have actually gone to experience both the hotel and cafe. Official opening was in 19th Sept 09 and Cafe on the 11th Sept 09 and was believed to have caused the traffic jam along road to and fro Batu Feringgi, addition to the festive season and school holidays. 

*photos overload coming your way..Collages-1 

Simple reception with a bar.. when you check in, you can collect you welcome drink from the bar, or have a seat at the lobby area while waiting for them to process your check in, the crew will bring you your welcome drink :D

Collages1-1 Collages4-1

Interior and deco within the lobby area with lots of  the Beatles… :D and mosaic art of The Beatles’ at the entrance of the diner… Starz diner…pretty…..


Cute washroom signs, Rock Shop Too selling Hard Rock Hotel merchandise, and along the walkway to rooms… Abbey Road, Graceland and Paisley Park, if I’m not mistaken are meeting rooms….

Collages10-1Each floor has a corner with different themes and seats… 


Entrance to Hard Rock Hotel, with pretty LED lights with stringy light showers…


The biggest guitar in hard Rock Hotel… perhaps biggest in Penang too :D Everyone will not miss taking photo with this giant..


The outside of Starz diner next to the ballroom…. and that’s the lobby’s washroom :D

Collages8-1 Seaview room, overlooking the pool and the beach… that’s the ballroom and again the infamous guitar…



Simple room with basic interior needs, but most importantly comfy bed and pillows… even the comforter has got guitar images prints on it… cuteezz…. room is not very big… slightly smaller than G Hotel but, rooms here has got balcony… some rooms even give you access to jump down to the pool from the balcony! And a LCD TV with a list of channel and a music player…


Bathrooms are not as big… some rooms has got a small tub and some it’s only stand in cubicle with rain shower! Each toilet has got a huge portrait of either Elvis, James Brown and many others more… so, no privacy when bathing.. musahahaha… it actually has sliding door between the bathroom and bedroom… so you can be bathing in the bathroom and get to have the view of your whole room…. Basic amenities available…


Coffee making corner…. cooffee, tea or me… :P


Each corner of the pillow has got guitar embroidery.. cute eh… and each bed has got one tiny throw pillow… Even the couch has got the hotel name embroidered.


Entrance to the diner…. Starz Diner… I was entitled for dinner and also breakfast at the diner inclusive with the stay… thanks to Branda :D


Table setting…. and I’ve got 2 knives for dinner.. haha.. wrongly set… and perhaps it’s just on trial run, the crew is still not very much train-equipped… halfway eating you can hear cutleries and plates falling on the floor… the selections in Starz Diner, very frankly speaking is very very minimal..  haha.. not sure if it’s because of trial run or it’s just meant to be this way… I saw one my second visit after the opening that buffet dinner as Starz Diner is at MYR78++. If the spread is the same of what I’ve had, I would rather go to Evergreen or City Bayview for relatively cheaper price, or just pay slightly more to Park Royal, Rasa Sayang or E & O.

starz diners-1



Very simple spread with majority of Asian fares… fried rice, noodles, pea sprouts, beef satay, stir fry chicken, stewed lamb if I’m not mistaken, and black pepper fish meat.. something like that…. can’t really remember…


Pumpkin soup, which was okay, thick and creamy….hardened pasta with 2 choices of sauce, marinara carbornara and meatball bolognaise.. the carbonara was my choice and i regretted it… the sauce is thin, not rich, and they used brown squid instead of the white squid… I’m not sure if others like it… but it certainly did not appeal to my palate… the quiche, pie and another sweet potato something wasn't the dishes I really enjoy as well…

Collages3-1Desserts were cakes mostly…. and fruits… can’t recall if there is ice cream or not… it was also just so so… and too many people handling the desserts, it in the end became a pile of unrecognizable cake.. with the name tags all over, I don’t even know what I took…

Collages7-1The diner.. is not a very big place….ceilings are not that high, but somehow it’s pretty cozy…  I suppose it’s more of the diner concept.. perhaps that explains the spread selections and variety too…. it’s a diner… not a huge restaurant…   


Breakfast was okay.. simple with the basic eggs, sausages, breads and stuffs… they even have sautéed mushrooms, with butter or not I’m not sure… but the mushroom smell is too strong it kind of overpowered everything, it became a little bit bitter… different of toast and soft rolls available with different types of jam…

starz diners1-1Nasi lemak is available.. also porridge with condiments… salad and fruit bar as well…  


Different types of pastries but they somehow tasted the same.. or it’s the theme, or is it my taste bud… everything taste like they have banana in it…. it was pretty and appealing though… fruit juices available to quench your morning thirst… Overall, I would hope that the food quality will improved in Starz Diner… it should be living up to Hard Rock standard lo….

pool view-1 Pool view from my room…. pretty eh.. but the sea wave was rough that day… looks scary cos it’s like so near!!

Collages1-1 Pool area…The Beatles get to enjoy the sea view to, day and night :P it has got the beach pool, private pool, main pool, kids pool and whatever pool you call it.. the pools are inter connected and huge.. nice.. I like! There’s also a pool bar whenever you feel like getting a drink while swimming… also a podium for life bands as the beach pool…

Collages3-1 Private pool with direct access from their rooms… not sure if this is the Kings Club suite or something else.. slides for the kids too…

Collages-1 Accessing from the lobby, to the pool area…

hard rock cafe-1 And coming up… Hard Rock Cafe…. MJ is guarding the main door… jeng jeng jeng…..

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