Monday, April 18, 2011

Cheater’s Bread Pudding

Sometimes, I tend to experiment on cooking… especially when it’s time to clear off the fridge… This time round I had bread expiring, some ripe bananas, and some milk… so it immediately popped to my mind on making my own cheater’s bread pudding….I lined the little metal bowls with some butter and bread pieces… heat the milk, turned off the fire and add an egg, mix well.

Then I poured the mixture on the bread… topped it with banana slices and sultanas, and since I forgot to add sugar in the milk mixture earlier, I poured some condensed milk on top :P and popped them into the oven…

P1450506-1 It turned out not bad! maybe a lil dry cos i had so little milk left in the carton.. but overall, edible la… oh well, cooking is all about experimenting… :D

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