Friday, February 13, 2009

2008 Holidays - Part 2 - KL & Genting 17th -20th May 2008

This is just a all girls road trip down Kl for the long weekend... Since my best fren May came back from Perth and brought Tieng along, we decided to just have a short cuti cuti Kuala Lumpur-genting trip :D

Ai Ling the host of course is more than happy to accomodate all of us 7 girls at her home.. haha... the she brought us to go eat crabs and we proceed to.. jeng jeng jeng.. clubbing session at Velvet... guess who we bumped into... haha.. one member of the Hong Kong pop group, Grasshopper... then very jakun..take photos somemore... hahaha

Went to Pavillion's Madam Kwan and 1 Utama's Oriental Cravings for lunch...

Our group photos in genting... my all time fav photo... reminds me of schooling days.. My babes are friends since 7 years old.. standard one... and we all studied in the same school for 11 years.. my good old friends... and it's only half of them.. another half could not make it :( Looking forward for another trip.. hopefully this time Janice, Melia, En, Aileen, SC is in the group photo when the time comes :D

Our neo prints taken in Genting.. sipeh expensive but worth every penny of it.. cos I'm so loving these little photos....

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