Monday, February 16, 2009

Back from Annual Dinner, back to work tomorrow... err.. later..

Took a day leave n head down KL a day earlier with da boss and fellow colleagues for annual dinner at KLCC.. will post photos soon... haha.. when ar.. will try my best la :D lucky draw? nah.. i've got nothing from lucky draw or even the lucky dip :D

but i've got somehting else... jeng jeng jeng.... a runny nose, cough, flu, sore throat and massive headache due to lack of sleep :P woke up not long ago from my nap after reaching PEN at 4:30pm today... or should i say yesterday? since it's past midnight already..

walked to the nearby sunshine to get myself two bottle of 100 plus (kiasu leh~).. panadol actifast and one can of wong lo kat... noticed that many ppl do shop in sunshine at midnight also... no need sleep kah they all??

hmm... hopefully with my "kits" i will feel better tomorrow :D gonna pop the meds and board dreamland express soon... my head so heavy and i am having real sexy husky voice (actually i feel that i sound like a man) right now... karaoke anyone?

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