Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bobo Cafe Hokkien Mee, Taman Lip Sin

There are arguably several nice hokkien mee (prawn noodles) in Penang, some say the best would be the one opposite Pulau Tikus police station near the morning market, some say Sg Dua Ah How’s Hokkien Mee and the list goes on.

One hokkien mee stall I’ve noticed in my neighbour hood that have his fair share of regulars is the one at Bobo Cafe, same row with Klinik Bersatu Taman Lip Sin, adjacent to the market and also Sunshine Lip Sin. This is the one I enjoyed eating too. I’ll usually stop by on my way home after a visit to the morning market , well depending. If I see many customers still waiting, I’ll just walk straight home instead :P

The stall offers both, hokkien and lor mee or mixture of both. Open during the morning until noon. Usually even when I go for take away, the wait would be around 15 to 20 minutes, sometimes more.

To me, this stalls hokkien mee is just as good. The soup is sweet (not sure if it’s MSG but i noticed they used generous amount of pork and ribs in their soup ) and it is very flavourful.  The prawns used are also fresh, not very big but at least it’s in a whole.. some stalls’ prawns are sliced to thin bits… you can opt for additional condiments, like the prawns, eggs slices, pork slices or even adding the soft ribs.


A normal bowl cost at MYR2.50, large one at MYR3.00, and additional for extra condiments.


This stall work non stop from opening to closing. So far, I’ve never seen them taking a break.. customers come in non stop for eat in-s and also take away-s.


Yummy hokkien mee you should try. Must remind them if you order does not come in 15 minutes, they might forget about you sometimes :P

Collages2-2 Worth a try for hokkien mee lovers. Perhaps you’ll like it too :D

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