Tuesday, January 26, 2010

DHL Express PEN GTW New Year Family Day – BBQ Outing by the beach

It’s an annual thing for the PEN GTW team to organize a BBQ on new years day… i think.. haha.. i missed last year’s because I had a house warming party to attend.  This year, the organizer folks were kind enough to invite again to join them. Thanks guys!

The day was sunny, with cool breeze luckily.. i thought i was just going to stop by for a while but i ended up staying the whole day till late! Agreed to met Lorna at 1pm, and good thing it’s only 5 minutes drive form my place :D to Pantai Jerejak, nearby the jetty.. never knew there’s a place for picnic… the beach is not clean though… and besides us, there were many different big groups having their BBQ functions too!

food-1Lotsa food!!! Chicken, sausages, squids, tiger prawns, all so yummy!


Ada fried bee hoon (fried vermicelli) and fried rice too! And they ordered laksa and rojak towards the end of the day from the nearby stalls… the laksa.. erm.. tak sedap lo!

food prepared by-1

Chef of the day and head chef monitoring :P

people-1The Gateway and Ops clan, also invited, the CSE clan :P  No function is complete without….booze!


Day and night at the beach…. this is a good way to bond with each other.. it’s in fact during working hours we sometimes argue lot on the phone and emails, between both clans…. but end of the day, we can all sit together and eat, chit chat and have fun together. Well, it’s just a job after all!

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